What is the cause of “vomiting” in Chinese pastoral dogs?

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The Chinese pastoral dog, as a dog appointed by our ancestors, has always had a great influence in our life.Many people think rural dogs are very healthy, but in fact, rural dogs and pet dogs are also sick, but also vomiting, so what is the cause of vomiting in Chinese rural dogs?1. Eating freely is the biggest characteristic of Chinese pastoral dogs. They can run freely everywhere because there is no constraint.But just because of this, they are exposed to a lot of food, so there will be accidental eating, resulting in illness and vomiting of Chinese pastoral dogs.2, there is no deworming many people think that only pet dogs need deworming, think that the Chinese pastoral dog is not worthy, but in fact, the Chinese pastoral dog also needs deworming.Chinese dogs travel more and are more likely to pick up bacteria and parasites.If there is no timely deworming, it will also lead to vomiting of Chinese pastoral dogs.3, sick sick is the most direct cause of vomiting in Chinese pastoral dogs, because the body is uncomfortable, resulting in a very uncomfortable stomach.If the garden dog in the home vomits more than, it is recommended to shovel excrement officers or take the dog to the veterinary station to see, otherwise serious will endanger the dog’s life.4, catch a cold Chinese rural dog dogs are mostly as guard dogs, so the front door is their position.When the winter is severe, they will still keep their posts and insist on guarding their homes.Because of this, they are susceptible to cold, vomiting and diarrhea.It is suggested that a little pet probiotics can be prepared at home to help rural dogs regulate the disorder of the stomach.It is recommended that “greedy pet probiotics” contains about 30 billion yuan of active probiotics, which can quickly regulate the intestines and stomach of Chinese pastoral dogs and enhance the gastrointestinal immune function of Chinese pastoral dogs.5, nutrition is not comprehensive for Chinese rural dogs, many people will think they can eat leftovers.In fact, it is not true, Chinese rural dogs eating leftovers for a long time will not only lack of nutrition, but also bad for the body.We see a lot of Chinese farm dogs have rough hair, because they eat leftovers for a long time, and leftovers are usually high in oil and salt, which does not meet the dog’s oil and salt diet standards.Moreover, leftover food is usually not nutritious, which can not fully meet the nutritional requirements of Chinese pastoral dogs, leading to the loss of some body functions and illness, which is why the life span of Chinese pastoral dogs is very short.Therefore, for the health of our Chinese garden dogs, we should choose a good dog food for dogs, because the nutrition of dog food is more comprehensive, can promote the comprehensive development of Chinese garden dogs, reduce the chance of illness.Recommend “chan not greasy foods” low oil low salt formula, more in line with the necessities of the Chinese rural dog food standard, reducing physical damage due to high oil and high salt, specially added can help the Chinese rural dog beauty hair fish oil and kelp powder composition, can help the Chinese rural dog hair more smooth, more rich nutrition element, full body nutrients needed by the development of Chinese rural dog.Conclusion: what is the living condition of your Chinese pastoral dog dog?