Will take-out services replace traditional services?

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Only love and food should be lived up to, surely everyone has heard the saying?Since ancient times, there has been a saying that food is the most important thing for people. Only by eating well can people work, study and make contributions to society.Today, I will walk into the world of food with you, and feel the thick fireworks from the world together.When the Internet was not mature, people could only go to a restaurant to have a meal, instead of ordering take-out online like now.It was only with the spread of the Internet that delivery platforms took off.However, the author believes that the reasons for the rapid development of takeout platforms are as follows: 1. The pace of urban life is getting faster and faster, so people have no time to go to restaurants, let alone cook.After a tiring day, I just want to stay at home and enjoy the convenience of takeout service.At present, many digital stores have added delivery service, as long as it is within the delivery range, you can order food online to enjoy the food.2. The main consumption force is gradually getting younger, with the post-00s on the consumption stage.More than half of modern young people can’t cook, and the rest are too lazy to cook. Online ordering is delicious and convenient, so why not?As there are more and more young consumers, they are consistent with the “thought” of the takeaway culture, so the takeaway market presents a blue ocean scene, the dividend of the takeaway can be imagined, otherwise why are many well-known brands rushing to enter the online platform?Because everybody wants a piece of the pie, everybody wants to grow and stabilize their stores.3. In addition to the influence of the above two environment, many consumers are attracted by the welfare of merchants, thus opening the road of ordering food.Many post-transformation businesses have realized the importance of solid flow and have upgraded in distribution, packaging and welfare.In the food distribution, let the rider delivery at the wrong time, and in advance to receive orders, to avoid the peak;In the food packaging, consumers will be given thermal insulation pad, pad paper, chewing gum and other intimate things;In terms of benefits, vouchers are often given out in group chats, and consumers can deduct a portion of the amount the next time they order a meal.After reading this article, do you have any new ideas about selling?The seemingly ordinary way of dining has such a complex system and gameplay.What’s the go-to takeaway everyone orders every time?Let me know in the comments section!(Disclaimer: The above content is for sharing content, only for reading, do not have any investment advice, specific content details and policies please refer to the industry official release content shall be subject, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please leave a message in the comment section, we will delete.)