“Care and concern” Qujing Central Hospital condolences retired veteran cadres

2022-06-23 0 By

From January 20 to 21, qujing Intermediate People’s Court visited retired senior cadres and sent them festival greetings and New Year’s greetings.On January 20, party member and vice president Tai Xianghong visited retired cadres Jiang Xingming and Wang Zhengming.In the home of the veteran cadres, too auspicious red concern asked the old comrade’s body, living conditions and hobbies, and told them to take care of themselves.At the same time, he thanked them for their efforts in the development of the Court, and hoped that they would continue to care for, pay attention to and support the Court, and continue to put forward opinions and suggestions for the future development of the Court.It is understood that Luo Jiancai, a member of the Party leadership Group and vice President of the School, visited Yuan Chenglin, Xia Chengwan and other comrades.Zhang Hongmei, party member and vice president, visited Li Meiyun, Xu Zhaowen and other comrades.Lu Guosheng, party member and vice president, visited Wang Fulie, Jiang Hua, Dong Fuxi and other comrades.Yang Anping, party member and director of the Political Department, visited Peng Wuheng, Dai Wenchao, Zhang Huade and other comrades.Gao Hongli, director of the Executive Bureau and member of the Party’s Leadership Group, visited Pu Enzhi, Chai Fuguo and Li Xingfu.During the period, the central political department also organized to visit other retired veteran cadres.It is reported that on January 25, the Party Committee of the Organ of the Central People’s Court will also visit senior party members over the age of 80.