Exciting!Tsinghua University solved the engine problem, a key technical link that the United States had failed many times

2022-06-23 0 By

Due to the late start of China’s science and technology and industrial development, “Made in China” was once regarded as “big but not strong”.However, with the continuous improvement of China’s manufacturing capacity, it has now won a leading edge in many fields. Now, with the continuous efforts of many scientific researchers, China has also ushered in a major breakthrough in high-end manufacturing.You know, the engine has been a key technology in the development process of various countries, and the engine performance also determines the development of fighter aircraft and space industry, so countries have been seeking breakthroughs in this.Not long ago, domestic engines ushered in a major breakthrough, the key technical links of the United States had failed a dozen times.According to the web, January 24, tsinghua university’s school of aerospace laboratory, in new engine flight demonstration experiment has achieved a complete success, shows that our country now have passed the new engine problem, and master the ability of independent research and development of new engine, the new type of space power sector development has important strategic significance,It will also further promote the development of China’s aerospace industry.It is worth noting that the new engines are so difficult to develop that even the US and Russia have yet to master them.In fact, this new type is detachment ramjet engine, and the technology is developed, the key technologies needed for hypersonic aircraft to suit the future space fusion aircraft low cost, wide speed range and other requirements, you must first master the key technology, so the world began to develop after entering the 21st century.Similar tests were carried out in Russia and the US in the 1990s, and there is disagreement over the final results.Since then, the United States and Australia also conducted a dozen flight tests, despite obtaining a large amount of data support, but still failed to make a breakthrough.Experts said that although tsinghua university has not officially announced the parameters of the experiment, the power is not that bad in terms of body size, and is enough to test the principle.In this case, although there is still a certain gap to develop a real space engine, it has achieved important strategic significance and has quite mature ramjet technology.In addition, according to relevant sources, this test activity conducted by tsinghua University laboratory has solved the efficient suction problem of the engine inlet, and will soon enter the engineering verification stage.At the same time, we have made a major breakthrough in new engine technology, which has failed many times in the United States, but we are not proud of it. The success of this test is just the beginning, and we still have a lot of difficulties before we can actually develop a space engine.We believe that with the efforts of many researchers, Our country will be able to take the lead in this field.