Selected poems by Chen Fazhou, president of Jian ‘an District Poetry Society

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Chen Fazhou, president of Jian ‘an District Poetry Society selected poems ‖ Hometown Xu Changwen ‖ Chen Fazhou Poetry Society of Wei District Writers Association Jian ‘an District Poetry Society “Hometown Xu Chang” New media Chen Fazhou Snow (step liu Wei’s poetry youyun and zhihe) aspersing all over the sky dance, a little guilty world.Although there is no pattern yan, but like chan chan.Such as jade is not my xu, ice has your pity.Clear flow yi hua day, clean soul into the heart.Teacher’s Day miss my teacher heaven and earth jun pro teacher also pro, niang gave me your education.Looking back at the night reading thirty years ago, the heart lamp shines on the universe.Xijiang month memory mother heaven and earth mixed destruction road dark, cold wind snow grave.Bowed his head to worship paper money spin, speechless nose acid tears.Busy from morning to night, winter heat fields.Happy memories of childhood, son filial piety not see.Partridge day, Mr. Yang Jiang mourned the terrible news of the surprise smell of the “siege”, misty dawn Liu also hurt.Valid unions. Three of Us.No hate, no hatred.Perseverance light cloud light.Anxiang noble life Jane, lamenting the literary world again meteorite.Apricot flower wind · Grain in Ear bloomed bloomed grain in Ear, when wheat sowing beans heavy.Warbler yan Liu wear Ming empty, apricot flower god sent.Unprovoked thunder wind three changes, surprised the new dream of the farmers.Kind of rain close the eyes are difficult, wish the days like many.Qinyuan Spring qu Yuan scattered realgar, xiaoxiang race, every hanging chang.Sigh Lu Qu shi, zhongliang slander;Jin Shang, the wicked man, was changlair.Ai Ying Guo Shang, Tianwen Yu Fu, riverside wandering Yin Nine chapters.Eat English jade, keep clean turbid world, is diameter end square.Recklessly the earth vicissitudes of life, leaving only the poetic soul Yang.See young song Chu, love upsurge;The old man cherishes the song, worries the people kang.Fire Feng spirits, ancient temple Miyuan, the poet spirit from generation to generation.Jun back also, gu Shenzhou should comfort, the country rich people strong.Water Tune head · Double Ninth Festival Jichuai (step Li Xiayun) and ninety-nine, when fish and crab fat.Looking far chrysanthemum appreciation, autumn makes people crazy.Hongyan line home, long red maple eyes, Yaxing sing poetry.The rustling west wind, curl liuyiyi.Drink chrysanthemum wine, watch the sunset, chung Autumn thinking.Life is too short to appreciate the beauty.Frost temples childlike innocence still in, old feelings have not changed, this environment meaning slow.Only wish the same way, happy poetry.Chen Fazhou, jian ‘an district, member of Chinese Poetry Association, president of Jian ‘an District Poetry Association.1, this article is authorized by the author, the author is responsible for the author, if there is infringement, please inform “Hometown Xuchang” today toutiao immediately delete.The views of the author do not represent the views of “Hometown Xuchang” today’s toutiao number.2, text is irrelevant.The pictures in this article are from Tubucretion, and the copyright belongs to Tubucretion. We would like to express our sincere thanks.If the picture used in this article is infringing, please notify “Hometown Xuchang” toutiao number immediately delete.3, “Hometown Xuchang” copyright works, reprint or submit, please email to Xu Chang hometown, see “hometown Xu Chang”.Hometown Xuchang, feelings, temperature, taste!This article is written by the author of toutiao.Shall not be reproduced without authorization.