The house was leaking, and she spent $7,000 to fix it, but it caused a lot of trouble

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Changjiang Daily Wuhan client on March 16 (student reporter Li Yijue reporter Zhang Jun) On March 8, Ms. Liu, who lives in Wuhan, contacted the Changjiang Daily reporter through the city message board:In February this year due to water leakage in the home, she found on the taobao company called “curtilage urgent repair waterproof housing leakage repair shops, simple consultation, will soon have the master contact her home maintenance, operation to complete the other charge the cost of 7000 yuan, but liu home again on the night of the” rebel “, the second after repair problems to solve.Now, Ms. Liu’s bathroom tile is cracked and her home smells of glue, causing a lot of trouble.Liu said that after she contacted the store on Taobao on Feb 23, the customer service staff asked for her mobile phone number, and she was soon contacted by someone offering free on-site check-ups.When the two repairmen arrived at her home, they did not use professional inspection tools. One of them, Surnamed Lin, just looked at the bathroom tiles with his naked eyes and came to the conclusion that they needed to make holes in the bathroom tiles and pour glue to fix the leak.According to Liu, Lin said the glue cost 118 yuan for a catty and claimed that the glue was a high-tech product. He thought it would take only a few kilograms to make a 3-square-meter toilet, so he asked them to build it.In the meantime, Lin made a hole, kept the tap running, and poured 70 kg of glue into the two buckets. After that, he asked for 7,900 yuan.After the construction, Liu said, she was about to pay her shop on Taobao, but Lin refused, insisting that she could only transfer money to her mobile phone.Finally, Ms. Liu asked to sign a contract with the maintenance master.When Ms. Liu asked Lin to stamp the company’s official seal on the contract, Lin turned the blame on her, saying that he was self-employed and could not issue an invoice without his official seal.At that time because the downstairs resident is not at home, Ms. Liu cannot check repair effect carefully in time, but paid 7000 yuan with pay treasure.According to the feedback, the customer service of the store actually blocked it directly. That night, Ms. Liu tested and found that the repair place was still leaking, and the problem was not solved.The door-to-door maintenance master replied, “I can only glue,” and asked another master to deal with the problem for her.On February 24, another teacher did “pressure experiment” after testing, confirmed that it was the faucet problem, wrapped some waterproof tape, only used 10 minutes to solve the problem of water leakage in the bathroom of Ms. Liu’s home.Later, Liu contacted taobao store, feedback above situation, customer service did not reply, on March 4, the store customer service also dragged her into the blacklist.Liu then contacted taobao’s official customer service, who replied that because it was an offline transaction, the platform could not verify evidence of violation.When contacted by reporters on March 14, Lin said that he had confirmed water seeping downstairs when he arrived at the scene, so gluing was needed.”What actually happened was that there was a problem with the water pipe inside the wall, which was solved by prying the tap and connecting the joint.”The master also said that after the repair, he told Liu that if there were still problems, he would help solve them if Liu provided the video.At the end of the interview, Lin said he no longer worked at the Taobao store.March 15, the reporter contacted the maintenance master again, no one answered the phone.At present, Taobao reply, the shop has been “Wuhan link” off the shelf, suspended wuhan orders.In daily consumption, have you ever encountered such situations as shoddy goods, wrong goods and contract violations?Encounter consumption dispute, do you know how to protect rights?March 15, Wuhan consumer association complaint department director Wang Jiazhi guest changjiang Daily broadcast room said, nearly a year, cars and decoration consumer complaints are more, in this large consumption, consumers must carefully look at the terms of the contract.In the process of consumption, choosing to sign a formal contract with a local company with legal effect is very important to protect the rights and interests of consumers.In addition, in June 2021, wuhan Consumers’ Association also issued “June 18” online promotion and consumption tips.The hint suggests consumers pay attention to collecting and preserving evidence during online transactions.Consumers should use third-party payment platforms to pay according to procedures after choosing goods online, do not secretly agree with sellers on other transaction methods, and decisively reject requests from merchants to pay directly to bank cards or wechat red envelopes, the notice said.Do not believe the merchants of cash on delivery propaganda, it is best to contact the phone can be “first inspection after payment”.Attention should be paid to collecting and saving commodity specifications, models, functions and other information pages in the process of trading, focusing on saving the advertising information of price concessions and gifts attached.Once a dispute occurs and legitimate rights and interests are damaged, it can take the initiative to appeal to the platform and request customer service to intervene.If the platform cannot solve the problem, it should take the initiative to complain to the market supervision department or consumers’ association.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.