Lurk, or return?Ke Jie in the year of the Tiger is eye-catching

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The arrival of the Year of the Tiger, let a number of chess fans to China’s go masters more than a good wish, looking forward to their tiger tiger alive, the year of the Tiger good luck!In the year of the dragon will last year in the confrontation between China and South Korea to sweep away the bad luck.We know that the rivalry between China and South Korea has been the dominant theme in the world since 2005. Since 2013, China has completely suppressed the Korean Wave. However, in the 25th LG Cup final in February last year, Our first player ke Jie 9 duan was defeated by Shin Min-jun and lost the title.In advance, In Korea, Shin Zhen and Park Jung-hwan won the 13th Chunlan Cup and the 26th Samsung Cup successively, and in China, only Miyu Ting won the 4th Dream Lily Cup. So far, in last year’s Sino-Korean competition, we were behind in 1:3.With the defeat in the 22nd Nongxin Cup and the 7th Guomangshan Cup, The Chinese side was greatly behind by 1:5 and was in a difficult situation of being beaten.From the above process, we can see that The Chinese Go overtaking the Korean Wave was not caused by Ke Jie, but our passive situation was caused by ke Jie’s failure. Then, as the former king and the only eight-champion active in the world, can Ke Jie bring us a surprise of rising again in the year of the Tiger?Will he continue to lurk, or stage a grand comeback?On this issue, I will discuss with you.Ke jie is obviously unable to play the role of the leader of Chinese Weiqi in last year’s state, because his best result in the world championship after losing the LG Cup is the semi-final of the Samsung Cup, which is inferior to Mi Yuting, Yang Dingxin and Xie Ke.Domestic competition also only won two titles, less than triple crown winner Gu Zihao and Ding Hao.Ke Jie 9 Dan Then what kind of achievements and qualities do you need to become the leading player in the Year of the Tiger?It is confirmed that there will be at least five or six world competitions this year, including the LG Cup, which will be held today, and the ninth Yingshi Cup, which will be held at an undetermined time. In addition, the 27th Samsung Cup, the 2nd Tianfu Cup, the 1st Lanko Cup and the 27th LG Cup will also be held.If toad Hall can not win in the above competition, how can we talk about leading geese, pacesetter?In addition, to become a top Go player in China, one needs to top the ranking charts and win the title in civil wars.Such a standard is not harsh, then Ke Jie can achieve?Now let’s talk about what it takes to be a leader.I think it should be perseverance, focus on Go, rather than bo Ertu, or even bo santu.The only business of a professional chess player is to play the game, and he should not change his mind, spend a great deal of time and energy on other things, or even consider an early exit.Because the result of distraction is the inevitable decline of the main business;The dispersion of energy will inevitably lead to the increase in the unfamiliar shape of chess and mistakes.Master Wu Qingyuan’s “bo two rabbits, not one rabbit” is true.After falling from the peak, it takes twice as much effort to get back to the top.Given KeJie exceptional talent and 25 years old when the years of playing, I like him to fight back, to repeat, but to turn it into reality, KeJie need to do the following: one is that in addition to tsinghua school, abandon all other unnecessary, not go main hobby and transaction, chess game entire devotion and research, of course if you can suspend school better.Second, make full use of AI.In advance, Shenzhen has no masters in universities and colleges. In advance, they rely on AI as their teachers, and their achievements in colleges and universities surpassed Ke Jie in 2003. In fact, they claim that he is the best in the world today, and there is no dispute in advance.Ke Jie is expected to spend a lot of time and energy on AI research during non-competition days.The third is to establish a goal of struggle, that is in the world champion rankings continue to surpass, the minimum goal is to surpass gu Li’s eight crown king, achieve nine crown king great achievement, and achieve the Korean go emperor Cao Hoon-hyun equal status;The second is to surpass Cho to become the third person on the list.The biggest goal is to reach the level of Lee Se-dol and become the figure next to Lee Chang-ho.Of course, there is no need to set the goal too high, because it is unrealistic to surpass Lee.Meditation in Ke Jie 9:4 is to keep a good attitude.In the absence of distractions, there is a normal mind in the game.No matter who wins or loses, as long as the preparation is in place and you play to your standard, there is no reason to blame yourself even if you lose, because there is no general in the world who always wins.In addition, weiqi association, all walks of life, clubs and Ke jie’s family should create a good atmosphere around Ke Jie’s goal. They should neither praise or ingratiate themselves with principles, nor allow ke Jie’s goal to be ignored or guided.Last year, Ke Jie failed to reach the top of the world Championship podium, this year will be a crucial year, if we continue to sink, then the probability will be far away, no longer the opportunity of unlimited scenery;If Ke returns to the top, the future will be bright.KeJie!Chess fans all over the country and even the world are watching you, expecting you to rise again in the Year of the Tiger!