Tianshui Museum collection of calligraphy and painting fan exhibition in Qin ‘an County Museum

2022-06-25 0 By

In order to improve the cultural confidence of the whole people, promote socialist core values, show the deep cultural deposits and humanistic feelings of Tianshui, recently, Qin ‘an County museum and the city museum actively contact and communication, held the Tianshui Museum collection contemporary calligraphy fan exhibition.The works in this exhibition are full of both script, script, script and grass, or passionate, or powerful, elegant, or praise the motherland’s beautiful rivers and mountains, or praise the new social atmosphere.At the same time, it also shows the colorful spiritual world and artistic talent of calligraphy lovers, achieving a high degree of unity of political, ideological and artistic nature, and presenting the broad and profound Chinese culture.Through the exhibition, inspired the county’s calligraphy lovers love and passion for art, to further promote the traditional culture, to meet the new era of the people’s diverse, multi-level, multifaceted spiritual and cultural needs, to promote the prosperity and development of the county’s culture and art.(Edited by Li Xiaobing, Edited by Yang Jianwu, edited by Wu Xinping)