Tianshui street launched “snow prevention ten” to effectively ensure the safety of residents travel

2022-06-25 0 By

On the morning of February 7, Hangzhou ushered in the biggest snowfall in recent years.But the ensuing, is the road snow brought safety risks, Tianshui streets for the first time launched “snow prevention ten”, effectively ensure the area of the road smooth and residents travel safety.One is to knock to prevent the branches from breaking.Staff with bamboo poles and other tools, knock to clear the snow on the branches, the first time to the area of the trees to do a good “decompression” work, in case the snow pressure broken branches.Two is to sweep, prevent snow freezing.Use broom, shovel and other tools to clean the snow on the road in the area.Three is to spread, anti slip slip slope.Lay straw MATS on slopes, bends and other slippery places to avoid potential safety hazards caused by slippery roads.Four is to lift, prevent entrance and exit blocking.Remove all the debris and snow blocks that may affect travel at all entrances and exits of the street to ensure smooth road surface.Five is to patrol, prevent roof collapse.In view of the hidden dangers such as snow accumulation on the roof, carry out inspections within the jurisdiction to find and solve the problems as soon as possible.Six is to shout, prevent consciousness is not strong.Through the small speaker in the area back and forth “shout”, to remind the public snow slippery road, pay attention to travel safety.Seven is to inquire, to prevent loneliness and widowhood.Visit elderly people who live alone, asking about their living conditions, and told them not to go out on snowy days as much as possible, and pay attention to the safety of electricity and water, and go to the street community in the first time if there is a problem.Eight is to check and prevent vagrants and beggars.Patrols will be carried out along major roads, streets and alleys to provide assistance to vagrants and beggars.Nine is to supervise, prevent engineering site.Do a good job of site supervision and inspection work, remind temporary buildings to reinforce, enhance the safety awareness of construction personnel.Ten is to unite, prevent uneven figures.Strengthen the reserve of anti-snow and anti-freezing materials, actively launch the linkage of various parties such as street organs, communities, party construction alliance units, residents and the masses, and organ cadres, social workers, security guards, cleaning and volunteers to clear snow and deice to protect safety.Contributed: Party and Government Office, the community editor: Chen Cheng Review: Li Xuanying issued: Zhao Yun