“Crown prince of Hong Kong circle” Zheng Zhongji: the background is powerful xiangzuo to step aside, with a song to beat Eason Chan

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“Prince of Hong Kong circle” Zheng Zhongji: background powerful to zuo all want to pull over, with a song beat Eason Chan want to ask Hong Kong entertainment circle background the strongest star 2 generation is who?Some people will say Tse Tingfeng, some people will say xiangzuo, but the real prince level of the people to say, it must be Zheng Zhongji.His father, Zheng Donghan, was a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. When he was young, he formed a band with Teddy Robin and others, called Playboy. The goal of this veteran band is to be as popular as the Beatles all over the world.But as a result of tai Di robin for some reason retreat pair, a few people also have to dissolve, seek a way out separately, Zheng Donghan chose the battlefield behind the scenes.With a certain musical foundation and unique vision, he became the general manager of Polygon Records in Hong Kong in his early 20s, and then rose to the company’s President of Asia, controlling a lot of resources in Hong Kong and its surrounding areas.The artists who came out of his hands are all the figures of the queen of Heaven. Zheng Donghan promoted Teresa Teng, Xu Xiaofeng, Leslie Cheung and Beyoond. From this point of view, it is reasonable for Zheng Zhongji to be called prince Ji.In 1996, he made his debut and released his first album. At that time, many pop stars came to support him, including Liken, Jacky Cheung and others.However, only with a strong background and resources is difficult to mix in the entertainment circle for a long time, must have real ability to go, in 2005, Zheng Zhongji a “rogue” let him successfully won the Golden song Award.He beat Andy Lau and Eason Chan, and the song is one of his most famous songs, but it comes at a time when he’s getting a lot of bad press.In 2005 golden Melody Award ceremony, when Zheng Zhongji a face moved to pick up the trophy, behind eason Chan but the whole black face strong calm.At that time, Zheng Zhongji strength and fame is far less than the rising star Eason Chan, but Zheng Zhongji by virtue of a “rogue” directly put him on the altar, the heat of this song is enduring, now listen to or quite a lasting appeal, and even the audience directly called Zheng Zhongji for the next generation of song god.The story behind the song is also the source of its popularity. There are rumors that Cheng wrote the song for Miriam Yeung, and some people say it was written for A SA, but these are false, the song was written by someone else.And when Zheng Zhongji received it at the first time, he was even a little annoyed, because the experience in the song was too similar to him, just like the lyrics about being a failure in most of his life and owing a lot of people.The helplessness and vicissitudes of life make Zheng Zhongji sad, thought is the lyricist deliberately ridicule himself, but the creator has argued that this is my personal portrayal.To this end, Zheng Zhongji also to a number of colleagues to verify, he got the answer is a lot of rascal, too many people have resonance to this song, heard this Zheng Zhongji determined to take this song.It turned out that when he sang some of the lyrics, the feelings for his ex-girlfriend, the sadness of life, the life of a scoundrel, he touched too many people.In the MV shooting process of this song, coincides with his scandal, he had a brainwave, put all the news clips together, in MV, such as the projector presented his rogue life, such a bold, only Zheng Zhongji dare to do so.Taizi refused to take part in a variety show called “Masked Singer,” which has become a hit in the Mainland. The show will select talented singers on stage to sing masked, and the judges will comment on the show.However, Cheng Zhongji is not used to such a form, he thinks that the judges sitting in the audience can not even hear the voice of the singer, it is not qualified to be a judge, seniors to sing on the stage, bow with the younger generation, this makes him speechless.His bitter tongue has broken the sad situation of a large number of variety shows with poor content. As the prince of Hong Kong, he has always been so dare to say and do, and even the arrogant Wang Sicong is nothing in front of him.He once made sarcastic remarks about Eason Chan’s singing and Shouting, and han Hong and G.E.M. ‘s high-pitched voice is blind Shouting. If these are only out of bounds in language, then Zheng Zhongji has done even more shocking things in behavior.Once, he beat the captain on a word of disagreement, resulting in his plane forced to land in Alaska, the FBI sent people to investigate, after experiencing this incident, the prince did not restrain, on the contrary, all kinds of fighting incidents emerge in endless.Even so, there are still a large number of resources inverted, Tony Leung chiu-wai also did not avoid to cooperate with him, Zheng Zhongji won the Golden Horse award, in the entertainment circle, he almost never met a nail.A “rogue” won the golden song award, beat Eason Chan, lack of strength but numerous awards, no wonder so many people dislike him, but dare not say what.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.