Maiji District baozhan Unit party members and cadres sinking community to help grassroots epidemic prevention and control

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Mai ji district media center (reporter Wu Xue Rong Wang Boya) a party flag, a shoulder responsibility.In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, The Party members and cadres of various units in Maiji District continue to sink into the community, implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, stick to one position, and protect the safety of thousands of families.At the entrance of Maiji Jiayuan community in the north Road port community, maiji District comprehensive law enforcement Bureau square management office of two young party cadres stand firm here.As soon as su Hui, the office cadre of the Square Management Office of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, received the duty, she and her colleagues resolutely obeyed the command, quickly entered the work state, strictly implemented the community epidemic prevention and control measures, and earnestly implemented the epidemic prevention and control tasks.The maiji District comprehensive law enforcement Bureau square management office of the office cadres Su Hui said: “Maiji Jiayuan community is one of the square management of the arrested community.In the epidemic prevention and control work, all staff seamlessly transfer to and from work 24 hours a day, strictly implement the on-duty system, check the site code, health code and travel card for people coming in and out of the community, and do a detailed two-code inspection, information registration and reporting work for outsiders.The latest epidemic prevention and control policies and requirements will be publicized to the community through radio and audio channels in a timely manner, and residents will be guided to enhance their awareness of personal protection.”One log burns low, but many hands burn high.Community, grasp the unit zone, property management, community party members and cadres, volunteers from spreading, actively involved in the community prevention and control on the line, with practical action to practice mission, his mind several times to carry out the “knock” action, health information and ask for details of residents from door to door, the good “input” prevention “gatekeeper”, the responsibility to carry on the shoulder, at heart, implement in action,Unite as one to overcome difficulties.Commercial port community party branch secretary said wang junxiu, “vigorously promote our commercial port in the epidemic prevention and control community ‘five line execution of work, give full play to the role of the party branch fighting forts in residential area, community organizing six grid member and 26 residents members sinking into seven village, collaborative package unit volunteers and the property management personnel, strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures.Each unit overcomes all difficulties, takes the lead in responding to the call, takes the lead in charging ahead, and shows loyalty and responsibility with practical actions.”(Source: