There was an unmarked tomb in Babaoshan, and the authorities kept it secret until 40 years later, when the identity of the man was revealed

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Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery is the garden cemetery with the highest specifications in the country at present, because there are many senior leaders of our Party buried here, such as Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, Ren Bishi and so on, so Babaoshan revolutionary cemetery in many people’s hearts, is a symbol of the communist spirit.But among the many graves in babaoshan revolutionary Cemetery, there is one tomb that is very unremarkable.Opinions on the identity of the tomb owner have been controversial, and the central leadership in the face of the question, has not been a positive answer.All in all, information about the cemetery has been kept strictly confidential.It wasn’t until 2009, the 60th anniversary of Beijing’s peaceful liberation, that the Beijing Municipal Archives released information about the owner of the unnamed cemetery, who turned out to be the resting place of Red Agent Yan Youwen.Yan was definitely one of our party’s most elite agents. As early as 1934, after entering the Law school of Shanxi University, yan joined the Chinese and Foreign Language Society, a progressive organization founded by underground PARTY members Du Renzhi and Zhang Youyu, so he was exposed to communist ideology at an early age.In 1938, when he was about to graduate from college, Yan was secretly developed into an underground member of the COMMUNIST Party of China by Pan Jiwen, an underground agent of the Communist Party who was lurking in Fu Zuoyi’s army. Yan then went to Taiwan to attend the corresponding secret agent training.In November 1939, he graduated from the second phase of the special training class. He was assigned by the Northwest Bureau of the Communist Party of China to the northwest warlord Ma Hongkui’s army.But Ma’s unit was just a springboard for Yan, whose final destination was Fu Zuoyi’s unit, which was then part of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army.He successfully entered fu Zuoyi troops, showed a very excellent ability, soon by Fu Zuoyi’s trust, in Fu Zuoyi’s side has been serving as a clerk and secretary, every day can access to some of the secret military and political information about the national government.Fu also trusted Yan, even his own personal arrangements were handled by him, so Yan’s official position rose very quickly.Fu Zuoyi later let Yan Youwen when his army major general news director, of course, the military major general is not actually how valuable, even local warlords have the ability to appoint, but this is enough to see Fu Zuoyi yan Youwen’s attention.After the War of Liberation, Yan served as deputy director of the Political Works Office of Fu Zuoyi’s North China Suppression Headquarters, which was responsible for political work and news and propaganda. This position was definitely one of the central positions in Fu’s army.Yan youwen stayed at the core of Fu Zuoyi’s North China Suppression Headquarters for a long time and played a positive role in the liberation of the whole north China region and in promoting Fu zuoyi’s uprising.In January 1949, the situation of the War of Liberation had undergone a fundamental change. Three major battles continued to advance, and the effective forces of the Kuomintang army in the north of the Yangtze River were gradually annihilated. It was also in this month that the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army captured Tianjin, and Fu Zuoyi’s escape route from the sea was completely cut off.This is where Yan Youwen’s role comes into focus.Fu Zuoyi’s army was the most powerful force in north China at that time. If fu Zuoyi’s uprising can be won, or he can be prevented from retreating south and annihilated in North China, it will greatly promote the liberation of the whole north.At this critical moment, Yan youwen informed the Party central Committee of fu Zuoyi’s two escape routes.The first is to withdraw troops directly south to the Jiangnan area.The second was to head west and join up with ma’s army.Of course, Fu Zuoyi had considered to resist Peiping to the end, but in view of the war situation in North China at that time, the PLA had almost absolute advantage, and his defeat was only a matter of time.Fu zuoyi was always hesitant. He was unwilling to give up his base in North China, but he knew that the possibility of holding north China for a long time by himself was infinitely close to zero.Yan began to persuade Fu, telling him that his troops had not been Chiang kai-shek’s direct troops, and that if Chiang kai-shek withdrew to the Jiangnan area, Chiang kai-shek would take the opportunity to strip him of military control and make him a plain commander.However, if we escape west and join Up with Ma Hongkui, it is indeed a chance of survival.The problem was that north China was now in blossom on all sides, and a long-distance strategic shift under such circumstances could easily turn into a strategic defeat.As for holding on to Peiping, there was also no possibility of success, and the only way to go was to negotiate with the Communist Party.These words made sense to Fu, so he finally made up his mind to contact our party, and the negotiator fu chose at that time was Yan Youwen.At 6:30 PM on January 22, 1949, Yan Youwen, as an agent of our Party, as deputy director of political Works Office of the North China Suppression Headquarters, announced the national announcement of the Peaceful uprising in Peiping.Up to this point, he remained one of Fu zuoyi’s most trusted confidants.After liberation, Fu was appointed minister of water resources, and the identities of agents like Yan were kept secret out of solidarity with the former kuomintang generals.Yan became chief of staff of the Ministry of Water Resources after liberation until his death from esophageal cancer on September 25, 1962.Later, he was buried in babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery.His identity was kept secret until 2009, the 60th anniversary of The peaceful liberation of Peiping, when the Beijing Archives held an exhibition of historical materials on the peaceful liberation of Peiping, which also revealed the “tip of the iceberg” of Yan’s hidden career.Only then did we know that Yan Youwen was one of the heroes of Peiping’s peaceful liberation along with Fu Dongju and He Siyuan.He was behind enemy lines and had been engaged in dangerous espionage and secret work, but he never gave up his faith and made great contributions to the victory of the War of Liberation and the peaceful liberation of Peiping. His achievements should be remembered by us forever.