Cangxi people shot Cangxi | New Talent in the Mirror World (I)

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The beauty of pear country is reflected by light and color changes are new.The surging Jialing River is stirring the strong melody of rural revitalization, and the vast land of pear township is happy with the harmony of people’s well-off life.”Taurus retreat to tiger, in this, a dollar after beginning vientiane new” of season, solicitation of features by cangxi photographers’ association “CangXi CangXi photographed” stunning appearance “CangXi article brigade body”, it is deeply in love with at the foot of the “red pear township Green home “CangXi photography people sincerely to the hometown people hold out a cultural feast.This feast takes the green water and mountains of my hometown as raw materials, absorbs it with ingenuity and insight, harmonizes light and shadow with changes, and cooks it with diligence and perseverance.Promoting new people and producing new works is the basis for the healthy development of the association. The basic task of Cangxi photographers is to promote Cangxi, serve Cangxi and tell cangxi stories well.At the beginning of the New Year, we are delighted to see, cangxi photographers’ association and absorb new members 17 people, they come from the county all walks of life, had sat cangxi county federation of trade unions to host, cangxi art to undertake vocational training school, cangxi photographers association of photography classes, they three months of training to learn the life from the artistic perspective,Use the lens to record good and moved.Based on this, “Cangxi people shooting Cangxi” column first and second phase launched “New Talent in the Mirror world”, let’s get close to this group of “new recruits” in Cangxi photography industry, read and share their new works.Wudang glaze cloud photography: TaoQiZe jialing shafts of photography: Yang Houchun rh city night photography: li yong sky of photography: Luo Xiaozhen mountain water margin photography: tang Dan changhong lying wave photography: zhao ping egrets autumn light photography: Xiong Lihong group yu of TV photography: Du Yongzhang clear water sand photography:Chen Najun “flying” photography: TaoQiZe “father” photography: Yang Houchun jialing water way photography: zhao ping streetlamps begin on photography: Du Yongzhang autumn dew drop xuan day photography: hai-qing zhang cixin qiu – yun photography: Xiong Lihong month rhyme rh city photography: TaoQiZe “rise” photography: hai-qing zhang “nine days galaxy” photography:Zhao ping “standing” photography: Wang Xiaohong “orange red” photography: if the giggle more photography: ellazhang shu segong coagulate sweet photography: tang Dan cream dye egrets lake photography: TaoQiZe water a Cheng Shan a routine photography: He Lijuan bath chardonnay photography: Yang Houchun new yan wing, milk roars valley, pear township land full of vitality and hope.We believe that, over time, these new people will eventually grow into the backbone and leaders of cangxi, Northern Sichuan and even domestic and international photography circles.We are looking forward to……Cangxi Culture and Tourism Body author/source: Guangyuan City Culture, Tourism Bureau statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.