Liu Xuezhou laid to rest?Chau chau declared on New Year’s Eve to defend his rights, and the wrongdoers will pay the price

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Liu Xuezhou, a boy on the search for his family, died at sea in Sanya, Hainan Province. His body was cremated and taken back to his hometown in Xingtai, Hebei Province, where he was buried before the Spring Festival in 2022.Liu Xuezhou foster parents home aunt Chai lady has been running about, for Liu Xuezhou to handle the affairs of the future!Although Liu Xuezhou has been buried, but the buried peace on ultimate sense was not reflected on Liu Xuezhou body, after he passed away with hatred, it is hard to calm down for certain.It can be said that Liu Xuezhou, who suffered from depression and committed suicide after being abandoned twice by his biological parents and subjected to cyber violence and attack, is not comfortable even in his grave.On January 31, 2022, the 29th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, Chinese people gather with their families on New Year’s Eve.Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer who once acted for the hunan playground burial case, announced on his microblog that he formally accepted the commission of Liu Xuezhou’s adoptive parents and formally acted for liu Xuezhou’s rights protection case.In the sound of firecrackers ringing out the old year and ushering in the new, Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer, was in his office, sorting out the case materials related to Liu Xuezhou with tears in his eyes.Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer said that he will strive for justice for liu Xuezhou who died unwillingly.Justice may be late, but it will not be absent, and evil men will pay for their evil deeds.Liu Xuezhou in one’s life, can not bear the overwhelming network violence attack on their own, at that time helpless he hopes famous Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer, for their own agent obscene case, abandoned case and network violence case.Liu Xuezhou said to Lawyer Zhou in despair, “I don’t want to be abandoned, don’t want to be threatened, don’t want to be cyber violence, I want to take up legal weapons to protect myself, Lawyer Zhou, can you help me?”In the face of this child full of despair, but also a little hope, Lawyer Zhou replied to him firmly, “The child is ok, I will help you.”Unfortunately, Zhou lawyer finally came to the news of Liu Xuezhou’s death, he did not choose to use the means of law, but with the most extreme way, for his struggling life to draw a rest.Zhou lawyer heard the news of Liu Xuezhou’s death, feel very sorry, the justice of the lawyer, the heart has been very sorry that he did not comfort Liu Xuezhou, let him open the knot.Now say what has not returned to liu Xuezhou return, only try their best, for Liu Xuezhou abandoned by biological parents, by junior high school teacher indecent case and anti-network violence case began to defend, let once evil people can be brought to justice, in order to comfort Liu Xuezhou’s spirit of heaven.Liu Xuezhou finally found his biological parents with the help of the police, and his life did not begin to become happy ever after.It was this reunion with his biological parents that made Liu learn many truths that he did not know before, and also saw the great contrast between his biological parents’ attitudes, which ended liu’s life with a sad end.As ms Chai, an aunt, puts it, “If he had known he was sold, he would never have claimed his family.”Liu found out that he had been sold by his biological parents just three months after his birth in exchange for a bride price of 3,000 yuan.Suffer the Liu Xuezhou of life tribulation, ushered in his biological parents again very quickly abandoned.”Liu Xuezhou repeatedly asked them to buy a house for him and threatened to divorce them. He just wanted to regain a peaceful life.”Liu Xuezhou’s father is even worse, in the circle of friends to his son directly scold: “people set up packaging, selling miserable success, the network beggar”.Junior high school that abnormal teacher, to Liu Xuezhou’s obscenity let him suffer from depression.And his newly recovered biological parents, their drastically changed attitudes, pushed him into the abyss and let him despair.At the same time, Liu Xuezhou also faced the overwhelming network violence, the endless attack and abuse to him, has become the last straw.After Liu Xuezhou died, even after the matter is still foster parents home uncle aunt to help handle, learn the state’s biological parents did not appear, it is not to his son’s active death, give their attitude!His biological parents turned off their phones and disappeared.Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer said that in the legal above, the biological parents of only 15 years old Liu Xuezhou has the responsibility of guardianship, liu Xuezhou adoptive parents after the death of his own parents, and was ruthlessly screened by the other side, their words and deeds have been suspected of the crime of abandonment.They could face more than five years in prison if found guilty of selling Liu xuezhou to his adoptive parents when he was young.Lead to Liu Xuezhou depression and eventually lead to the end of liu Xuezhou’s life, is his junior middle school abnormal teacher to him.If this scumbag teacher’s indecency investigation is true, then its suspected indecency crime is established, will certainly not escape legal sanctions, and pay the due price will be sentenced.Liu xuezhou’s mobile phone contains a large number of screenshots and preserved evidence of his online abuse, and his attackers may be disappointed in their belief that they can rest easy by deleting abusive online comments.Evildoers are certainly not free from the law, waiting for them, is likely to be the price of evil.