New Taipei City council spokesman announced his resignation to enter the election campaign for the new store council district

2022-06-27 0 By

According to Taiwan’s China News network, following the resignation of Dai Xiangyi, Lu Jiakai and Wu Xunxiao as former deputy spokesmen of The New Taipei City government and secretary of the New Taipei Mayor’s office on February 15, CAI Wanying, another deputy spokesmen of the New Taipei City government, also resigned on February 18 and announced his election for the New Shop district.CAI Wanying said that February 18 was the last day of her service in xinbei City government. She had been living in Xindian since college and had a certain understanding of the new store. She wanted to make her home better, so she decided to join the election for xindian district councilors.When asked if Mayor Hou Youyi gave her encouragement, she said: “He thinks it’s a very good thing. We encourage each other for the good of the land and the people, so we should encourage each other without too much political rhetoric.”Talking about the original intention of joining the election campaign, CAI Wanying said that from following the mayoral election to now, she has seen a lot and learned a lot. She thinks that what young people lack now is the opportunity. Once there is an opportunity, we are willing to stand up and do more, which is the responsibility that young people should do.As for why they didn’t resign and join the election campaign at the same time with the other 3 Hou Jiajun on 15th, CAI Wanying said that the work of the deputy spokesman needs to be finished and after the rest of the work is finished, it’s time to go out and prepare, so I choose to resign today.(Cao Shuaibing,