New Year’s Day: a New Year’s day in the workshop

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At Beijing Kaide Quartz, prakanrong Town, production is running at full steam. Workshop workers are responding to the call, staying on for the New Year, producing the most beautiful image of the builders of the sub-centre.During lunch break, Gao Xusheng and his roommate, CAI Shouming, were pasting up Spring Festival couplets. The hand-written character “Fu” adds a new flavor to the simple dormitory. Both of them plan to stay in Beijing this Spring Festival.Gao Xusheng, technical worker of Kaide Quartz Cold Chain Processing Room, said, “I haven’t been home for the Spring Festival for ten years, and I am also very worried about my family. I hope those who work outside the home and those on duty take good care of themselves and say hello to their families.”Gao Xusheng is a 29-year-old man from Tangshan, Hebei Province. He once worked as a security guard and a fireman after his retirement. Now he is a technical worker in Kaide Quartz Cold chain Processing Co., LTD. Although he has only been with the company for half a year, he is hardworking and willing to bear hardships.During the Spring Festival, the production supply chain of the company could not be broken, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, Gao Xusheng volunteered to stay in Beijing for the Spring Festival.His roommate, CAI Shouming, has been working in Beijing for 16 years. His wife takes care of their young grandson and father in his hometown in Henan Province. The arrival of the Lunar New Year also makes CAI feel anxious.Cade quartz co., LTD., from 1997 in tongzhou, is a quartz glass products manufacturers, mainly engaged in the quartz apparatus, quartz tube, quartz boat quartz glass products such as research and development, production and sales, at present, the company more than 200 domestic customers, throughout many downstream industries such as semiconductor, pv, 39 have patents.This year, the company has a total of more than a dozen front-line workers plan to stay in Beijing for the Spring Festival. The company pasted Spring Festival couplets in the canteen in advance, changed the large-screen LCD TV, and prepared the Spring Festival for the employees to stay in Beijing to make dumplings and watch the Spring Festival Gala.Cade quartz security dynamics, secretary zhang lei: “for each given Beijing’s staff prepared a gift, give employees some entertainment projects, such as some fitness facilities, such as some treadmill, badminton, table tennis, for the staff during the vacation and enrich their own life, in Beijing to have a harmonious and happy Spring Festival.”Busy in the workshop machines roar, put the noisy sound mechanical and radio music mix into an organic whole, frontline workers are busy working overtime production, pairs of eyes, bright smiling face, became the most beautiful scenery in the workshop, it is also because of their effort and stick to, deputy city center of manufacturing and the growth of science and technology level to jointing stage.Caide quartz cold chain processing between technical workers CAI Shouming: “New Year’s wish is today first of all I wish the Winter Olympics a complete success, I wish our Kaide company more and better development, I hope my family health, I wish the elderly good health, children can grow up well, in the future can make a contribution to the country.Reporter: Han Yinli han Qiang Reporter station: Duan Xiangqian Responsible editor: Zou Yanyan