Overnight fall back before Spring Festival!Pig prices fall precipice, February to fall into a chicken feather?Pig prices on February 7

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“It is difficult to meet and it is difficult to part”!The Chinese New Year holiday is over, and when you unplug your charger in your hometown, it means you’ll have to wait a whole year for the next one.Of course, under the development of social economy, happiness is hard to struggle for, for family, for relatives, even if there are thousands of reluctant, also want to choose the distance, after all, it is difficult to live at home to support the family, go out to have hope!Now, the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger has ended, and on February 7, the first day of the start of the return journey, pig prices have also ushered in new changes in the domestic pig market!As is known to all, in the twelfth month tu companies continue to cease, and marketing gradually stagnation of live pigs, only part of the pin of the performance of small and medium-sized slaughterhouses there is a rise in price of pigs, and into the Spring Festival holiday, due to the stagnation of market supply and demand, enterprises in order to inventory pork slaughter to sell a good price, also to the holiday ended smoothly pig, domestic prices leave tu companies offer trend has strong shocks, however,With the end of the Spring Festival holiday in the year of the Tiger, the supply and marketing of live pigs in the market has gradually recovered, and the difficulty of slaughtering enterprises to purchase has declined. Pig prices have fallen overnight before Spring Festival!According to the data, at the end of January, the national lean pig three yuan outside the average price hovering at 14 yuan/kg, and by February 6, the pig price fell below 14 yuan, the single-day pig price fell to 0.53 yuan, the pig price hit bottom 13.72 yuan/kg!Pig prices fell overnight before the Spring Festival, and by the slaughter enterprises continue to adjust the price of pigs, February 7, pig prices continued to shock weak pattern, pig prices further hit bottom!It is reported that on February 7th, in the 26 provinces and cities that can be monitored in China, as many as 20 regions, slaughtering companies’ quotation fell, and only some markets had a strong trend of shock!In the north and South market, the northern market generally fell, northeast, northwest and North China, pig prices slide down, among them, the black, Jilin and Liao region, low pig source bottoming 6~6.5 yuan/catty, north China has also fallen below 7 yuan/catty, in Shaanxi and Gansu region, slaughterer quoted prices in some markets down to 6.2 yuan/catty!In southwest, East China and central and southern China, local pig prices in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places show a narrow rise. In traditional high-price areas, prices in Sichuan and Chongqing hover at 6.6~7.3 yuan, while in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the source of low-price pigs in some markets drops to 7.3~7.5 yuan/catty.In Hunan, Hubei and Henan, pig prices slide down, Henan market has fallen below 7 yuan/catty, in South China, Guangxi market dropped to 7.2~7.5 yuan/catty!Hog prices fall, precipice prices drop of rejuvenation day level, this round of prices suddenly “suddenly turn hostile”, root still appear on the game between market supply and demand, though, after slaughtering enterprises have the phenomenon of high prices, however, as the market marketing, in the face of real money pig stage, slaughtering enterprises by periodic fleece was spread, demand a high mood, of course,The recovery of the farm end and the deep downturn of the consumer market also support the feedback of the slaughter enterprise price pressure!At present, the domestic pig amount of high sideways, though, before the Spring Festival, breeding high end market sentiment, however, there are still some farmers market losses of the current situation of not content to years ago, and still more pressure bar years market performance, and strong prices sideways during the Spring Festival, parts of prices about returning to fatten cost line, breeding end market sentiment,In particular, retail pig producers have a strong market sentiment, and as slaughterers are listed to receive pigs, the pressure of pork selling in the terminal market is obviously enhanced, and slaughterers have a weak difficulty in starting procurement, which also supports the lower price of domestic pigs!Now, February 7, the arrival of the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, pig prices have reversed, so, In February pig prices to fall into a chicken feather?Personally think, before the middle of February, by the market consumption sheng extreme decline, and farmers concentrated, pig prices or a substantial decline in the basis!Although, Lantern Festival have temporary support to prices, but the game intensified after the market supply and demand, prices are still continues to decline, but as prices continued downward, breeding further increases in percentage of loss-incurring enterprises, aquaculture side or carry valence emotion, and after the Lantern Festival, people fridge inventory will also gradually clear, pork consumption or have slow recovery performance,At the end of the pig price decline or will slow down, but, February pig prices or will not be optimistic, compared with the beginning of the month, pig prices or 1~1.5 yuan/kg decline!Overnight fall back before Spring Festival!Pig prices fall precipice, February to fall into a chicken feather?February 7 pig price to this, how do we look at it?The above is the author’s personal viewpoint, the picture comes from the network!