They had been married for 10 years, but had recently divorced, and auntie told the truth: he had become more and more disruptive

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Online marriage is not easy, but remarriage is even harder.Perhaps this is what remarried couples are all saying.The longest road of life is the road of marriage, no one can guarantee against setbacks, and the road of remarriage is full of thorns.There lived a remarried couple in the community. They had been married for 10 years, but they divorced recently.People around feel very confused, finally, aunt told the truth: he is more and more troublesome people.My last name is Xin. I am 58 years old. I recently divorced my remarried husband and moved back to my home.15 years ago, the first husband unfortunately died of illness, after 4 years of loneliness, through the introduction of a friend, with Lao Lin had contacts.Lao Lin, like me, was a widow, half a year younger than me.Half a year difference in age is not a problem. I don’t have a job. He works in a public institution.We both have one child, mine is a daughter and his is a son, and both are the same age, both at university.After we dated for a period of time, we were satisfied with each other and our feelings were getting deeper and deeper, so we discussed getting married.After a year of dating, with the support of our children, we got married.After I got married, I lived in Lao Lin’s house and rented out my own house.After we get married, respect and love each other, each other know that remarriage is not easy, mutual tolerance and accommodation, something timely communication, harmonious and sweet day.My daughter got married before her son.When my daughter got married, Lao Lin even offered 50,000 yuan. At that time, my daughter and I were very moved.Three years later, his son got married, and I gave him $60,000 in return.The kids are married, and speaking of which, it’s time for Lin and ME to really enjoy life.Can never think of, the contradiction between us just really began, Lao Lin began to toss about to me.One, want me to serve stroke mother-in-law married with Lao Lin, he went to work, I am responsible for the family affairs, try to do his wife’s responsibility, let him go home comfortable and comfortable.When two people have conflicts, though he wants to get the upper hand, he will explain to me and apologize later.We’re husband and wife. We don’t hold grudges.But later, Lao Lin was not so interested in me, and it changed every year.Having had a marriage, I also understand the process of marriage. How can a husband and wife always keep their passion?I don’t blame him. I still try to do my part.After nearly seven years of this, Lao Lin suddenly said that he would bring his parents to live with him for a long time.It’s my duty to honor my in-laws, and I can do it.But I think Lao Lin did it on purpose.Lao Lin had three brothers, and the other two were much better off.On that day, my mother-in-law suddenly had a stroke. After staying in the hospital for some time, she had to go home to recuperate.The other two brothers said they would pay for a nanny, but Lao Lin disagreed. He said he would bring his mother home and LET me take care of her.At that time, I do not want to, Lao Lin on the spot mad, said I do not need to work, take care of the elderly how?The other two brothers immediately patched things up, saying they would pay for whoever took care of the old man.Money or no money, I still won’t take it.Finally, the three Lin brothers paid for a nanny for the old man.From then on, there was an indelible estrangement between me and Lao Lin.I think, since the marriage is for husband and wife, his grandson is also my grandson, and it is appropriate to take his grandson occasionally.However, Lao Lin arranged for me to go to his son’s home to take grandson every day. After his son and daughter-in-law got off work, I would go home to do housework.His son’s home is far from where I live, I can’t drive, and do not have the courage to ride an electric car, if the bus, to change three times, very inconvenient.Lao Lin saw my reluctance and began to scold.Said that these years of marriage, I have no outside heart, pay card to me in charge, treat my daughter as her own.Also said to honor my parents, respect my family, love me, take care of me.It’s all true, and I’m grateful to him.He finally said, “Eat what he eats, live what he eats, spend what he spends, I must obey him, otherwise, WHEN I am old, I will not have a good life.”I knew Lao Lin was doing this to spite me for not having promised to take his in-laws to live with him last time.Whether he hates me or not, I never agreed to go to his son’s house to take his grandchildren.I have a grandson, too, but I didn’t bring him, so I could spend my life with him.It is not easy to be a husband and wife. We should consider everything carefully. Otherwise, there will be a gap between husband and wife and life will be unpleasant.Lao Lin ignored me for a week to take care of his grandson, and I didn’t blame him.I have been married to Lao Lin for 5 years, and his wages are all in my charge.I knew, after all, it was remarriage, and he was trying to make me feel safe.To reassure him, I told him every time I spent money, and we never had any trouble with money.That day, Lao Lin suddenly told me that he would go Dutch in the future.I thought he was joking, but he said it was true.What the hell is wrong with him?I think about it, in addition to the above two things, that is I did not have another thing is to blame me with the little grandson to buy things.Ever since I had my little grandson, I have visited my daughter’s house every weekend.Every heart is the same. Who doesn’t love his grandchild?So, I bought some things that children need.In fact, every time I buy something, I think, no matter how much, spend is their own money, Lao Lin’s money did not move.But Old Lin thought I was spending his money.In order not to let Lao Lin misunderstand further, I explained the details to him, but he still didn’t trust me enough.I was so angry that I gave him back his pay card and promised that from now on, all expenses would be as he said.I am not afraid of going Dutch. I have a small amount of money to rent out my house and my savings, so I am not afraid of running out of money.Lao Lin did this to me, which can only show his narrow-minded and selfish heart. He can do whatever he wants. I can’t be bothered.For these things, we lived unhappily for nearly half a year. I felt more and more bored and ended my 10-year remarriage with Lao Lin.Aunt Xin lived with Old Lin for 10 years, which was not easy.Lao Lin was a selfish man. Aunt Xin refused his three demands and asked for a divorce. He was angry.If remarried couples want to live together for a long time, they have to rely on mutual accommodation and mutual understanding, and cannot force each other to meet their requirements for their own interests.Some people compare marriage to a piece of porcelain, which needs to be handled gently, not upside down.That remarriage should be more cautious, more to need careful management and cherish.End I do not have emotional intelligence rain, a love to write emotional text woman, welcome to pay attention to and leave a comment.