This classic rosette is succulent and can grow a circle of “baby” for beginners

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This classic rosette more meat, literally a “little baby” keep out a circle, suitable for beginners more meat is a lot of friends and flowers have like flowers, as a kind of foliage plants, variety, a lot of friends and flowers have like at home to raise a few POTS, much more than the most common rosette meat, maintenance is simple, like a lotus flower, such as alocasia, is a very classic goods rosette more meat.The maintenance of guanyin lotus is very simple, high ornamental value, this kind of succulent leaf is not very thick compared to other succulents, but the maintenance is simple, the plant is not very high, can grow from the bottom of a circle of new buds, the more long, really is too spectacular.The leaf of guanyin lotus is usually green, but as long as there is enough light and the right mosquito, the edge of the leaf will slowly turn red, looking very good, guanyin lotus is very easy to state, even the novice flower friends can also keep good.Spring is the rapid growth of guannon lotus, at this time we can properly supplement some compound fertilizer, there are sufficient nutrients, the leaves will be more fat, growth will be more vigorous, but need to pay attention to is, do not use thick fertilizer, must be thin fertilizer frequently, the growth of the plant will be better and better, grow a lot of new buds.Guanyin lotus’s reproductive ability is strong, we casually cut a new bud or pick off a leaf, such as wound recovery, we can cut in loose breathable, nutrient sufficient soil, the growth of the plant is strong, the state will be more and more good, a pot easily become many POTS.Guanyin lotus likes a sunny environment. In addition to the hot summer, it needs proper shade. At other times, it is best to put it outdoors for maintenance, with sufficient light for photosynthesis, and plant it in a breathable and water-permeable soil.In the outdoor maintenance, the appropriate rain, the leaves will become fat and good-looking, because the rain contains a lot of nutrients, for the growth of Guanyin lotus is helpful.We maintain alocasia, it is important to note that never can be frequent watering, if too much water, prone to water the plant roots rotted, must be completely dry before watering, such as basin soil even leaves withered don’t worry, we after watering, plant absorbed moisture, will return to growth, become rich rise.We also need to pay attention to the maintenance of Guanyin lotus, in the process of metabolism, if there are old leaves at the bottom, it must be cleaned in time to avoid plant accumulation and black rot.Today xiaobian to share with you this kind of good and good-looking succulent plants, ornamental value is very high, maintenance is also very simple, very suitable for novice flower friends, like succulent friends can try, have you ever raised?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.