How to understand “Water Margin” in modern times?

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Poem cloud: square know CAI Gao Zhu Yang tong, will send the hero grass, to make liangshan hero in, how to come north gabriel tears endless.Both the author and the characters of Water Margin have been debated for hundreds of years, and the main reason is that they hold different standards.So how do we know about the water Margin in the new era?The following are the author’s views for reference only.First, the peasant uprising.The peasant uprisings before the establishment of New China were basically not for the sake of the peasants. They overthrew the old aristocratic system in order to establish their own new aristocratic system.So he was selfish and should no longer put it on a pedestal.The significance of it lies in the inheritance of the spirit of resisting violence and evil, exploitation, oppression and corruption, and the accumulation of knowledge and experience in this regard, in order to achieve a qualitative leap.When the peasants are exploited and oppressed to the point of life and death, they have the right to revolt.However, when the peasants’ resistance demands reach the minimum level and foreign invasion or covet occurs, if the rebel army fails to unite with other forces of the nation or adjust its demands, it is wrong, because the survival of the nation is already concerned and the interests of the peasants are not the only ones harmed.After this point of view is confirmed, we should have a more correct judgment of song Jiang and the northern Song government’s suppression of peasant uprising.Tian Hu, Wang Qing and Fang La had established their own aristocratic management system. They did not fight for the interests of the peasants any more, so at that time, they could not be regarded as peasant insurgencies. They were the usurpation of power by the new and old aristocrats within the nation.Take fang La Group, then the strongest, for example.According to the “continued administration tongjian” records: Fang La army “every destroy six states, fifty-two counties, two million civilians.The captive woman escaped from the hole of the thief and hanged herself naked in the forest, looking at each other for hundreds of miles “.Although there are some elements here to vilify the Fang La uprising, it can be seen that the Fang La uprising caused great damage to the southern society on the whole through the decrease of the recorded population.Let’s look at Fang La’s speech when he called for an uprising: “Even though the court got the results, it could not make a decision to send troops. Even if it delayed the discussion, it would take more than a month.Adjust soldiers to eat, not half a year can not, is my army has been the first and last months.At this point, when it has been determined, there is no sufficient worry.Northwest two rupp age coin million, the imperial military funds one hundred thousand, more southeast;I have river table, will be cool in the Central Plains.Central plains unbearable, will be born within the change.Two rupp smell it, will also take the opportunity to enter.When the enemy is on both sides, even though there are yi and Lu, we cannot help them.”Is there anything in this for the good of the nation as a whole?It was clearly a struggle for national domination by “taking advantage of your illness and killing you”.In addition, Fang La was the owner of a large lacquer garden. Officials from the Construction Bureau of the Northern Song Dynasty often came to take wood by force. Although Fang La felt resentful, he did not dare to break out.Suzhou area at that time because of song Huizong’s favorite zhu 勔 search stone, people complain.Fang La took advantage of the dissatisfaction of the people and secretly organized the poor and vagrants to launch an uprising, establish a political regime, and set up a high-ranking official.Hearing the news of fang La’s uprising, Emperor Huizong of song mobilized troops from all sides to besiege Fang La, and at the same time abolished the Jiangnan Bureau of construction and stopped the search for flower stones.Two, the definition of hero is different from old and new: ① to be brave and have this quality.He is not afraid of difficulties, regardless of himself, and fights bravely for the interests of the people.I think the definition of hero: for the development of advanced human thought and culture, for the interests of the country and the nation and regardless of personal safety and gain and loss, brave and active struggle.Of course, we cannot ask the ancients with the height of our current thinking, but we must take it as our guide.Whether song Jiang is compared with Fang La, Wang Qing and Tian Hu, or wu Song, Li Kui and Lu Zhishen, whose way brings more benefits to the people, the nation and the country at that time, then who is the more heroic, or who is the great hero?I think you are not difficult to judge!Third, the evaluation of historical and romantic characters.I think we should stick to two rulers, ① whether it promoted the social economy, culture and stability at that time.(2) Whether the construction of moral and cultural system for later generations is positive.He who cares for two will be praised for many.Yu (1), Song Jiang was right.Yu, you can’t say that Song Jiang is completely wrong, can you?Four, someone says song Jiang is only anti corrupt official not anti emperor, mistake!Song Jiang was neither against the emperor nor against corrupt officials.The difference between his education and his position gave him an innate reverence for the emperor.What about corrupt officials?Six thieves of the Northern Song Dynasty, local corrupt officials, which song Jiang had reversed?He had been born among officials and was accustomed to what they did and recognized the rationality of their hidden rules.Song Jiang was acting entirely from the position of the ruling class, and tazhou yuefu was only to rescue his brothers and provide logistical support for Liangshan.Although Song Jiang had sympathy for the peasant hero and hoped to reconcile the contradiction with the ruling class through his grievance with the forces at the bottom, he underestimated the narrowness, arrogance and evil of the ruling class, thus causing a major blow to the forces at the bottom.Fifth, who killed Song Jiang and Lu Junyi?There is a big discrepancy between the book and history. Why does the author write this way?We’ll talk about that in the next video.It was Gao Qiu and Yang Jian that killed Song Jiang and Lu Junyi based on the novel Water Margin.CAI Jing and Tong Guan have nothing to do with.For the last time in the book.”Now, Gao Qiu, Yang Jian saw the son of heaven heavy ritual thick to give Song Jiang and other gang of generals.Otherwise, he lied about lu Junyi’s recruitment and ordered the emperor to return to the dynasty….Some treacherous officials offered food sprinkled with mercury. The emperor presented the food to Lu Junyi’s face, and Lu junyi ate it on his birthday.””The next morning morning, the son of Heaven great anger, when baiguan face scold high Qiu, Yang Jian ‘defeat country treacherous minister, bad man the world!’They fell facedown and kowtowed.”From above, it can be seen that in the original work, High Qiu, Yang Jian killed Lu Junyi and Song Jiang.So why in the traditional view, must CAI Jing, Tong Guan pull on the relationship?It has to do with our traditional dualism of thinking — good things are done by good people, or not;Bad things are done by bad people.In fact, history is very complicated. CAI and Tong in history were much bigger than Gao and Yang.In addition, CAI Jing first mentioned the recruitment of Liangshan.”Water Margin” 67 times.”CAI Jing at the beginning of the idea, also want to go to peace, credit to Liang Zhongshu body, their own a honor and disgrace.Now I see that things are corrupt and that it is difficult to cover up, so I want to fight.”It can be seen that Although CAI Jing is called the first treacherous minister, he is not a person who does not know what the matter is.Song Jiang killed Wang Qing, but also for The shame of CAI Jing, for tong Guan to shame.Wang Qing has repeatedly entered tong Fu, and has engaged with CAI Jing’s grandson, 16 tongguan niece Jiao Xiu adultery.Song Jiang captured the Daimyo without hurting Liang Shicheng, CAI’s son-in-law.In history, CAI Jing is not incompetent but wicked generation, but lack of knowledge, virtue without exercise also.”Outlaws of the Marsh” 110 times, “Tai Shi CAI sent his family to the camp and asked xiao Rang, a holy scholar, to write for him.It can be seen that CAI knows liangshan hero or good, otherwise, you dare to want a “thief” in the side, but also ghostwrite?Only like high qiu such a low birth, abdomen without point ink, narrow mind, Yin horizontal hypocritical, hahaover every ounce, just can not tolerate the world hero.And so it is.”CAI Jing, CAI You and Tong Guan are unbridled on the top;The party of Gao Qiu, Yang Jian, Zhu 勔, Friends evil yu Xia.”– The Legacy of Xuanhe of the Great Song Dynasty 6. Why was the middle and late Period of the Northern Song Dynasty so chaotic?The author thinks it is the result of the conflict between the old and the new parties: ① The discord between the officials and the people reduced the prestige of the imperial court.② Every day and night, each reform corresponds to an opportunity, a more opportunity, the exploitation of opportunities and interests.Public power is held by the little man, and the gentleman is overwhelmed.Social morality is not zhang, the world is declining.The conflict between the two parties is divided only by political interests, not by moral character.Enforcement of law and order has also been disrupted.Evil is difficult to punish, good is not Yang, the world is not chaos is strange!Another important reason is that after Renzong, song Emperor was generally too kind, any kind of personality has its negative, kindness in some aspects is weak, even deceives.Revolution in feudal times was the replacement of an old aristocracy by a new aristocracy.So is the variation, but with less intensity.Some people praised the Openness of the Song Dynasty, both sides did not kill each other, just to find a place to enjoy happiness.So the problem is, the new comes in, the old doesn’t go out.In other words: the peasants had to support two sets of nobles.This is the middle and late Northern Song Dynasty, the people were overwhelmed by the root cause.Don’t expect these nobles to enjoy less for the sake of the country. Don’t you see, when the Jin army surrounded bianjing for the first time, Li Gang and Shi Dao decided to deploy 300,000 troops to defend the Capital and the Yellow River, the courtier strongly opposed the idea, saying that it would be better to disperse at the scene if 300,000 troops and horses were exhausted in a day?When the jin soldiers besieged bianjing for the second time and finally opened the capital of the Song Dynasty, more than 3,000 carloads of gold and silver treasures of the royal family and nobles were carried away by the jin.Peace is commanded by generals, and generals are not allowed peace.Literati love each other, each other without iron guards and strong national defense is wishful thinking.In history, those who succeeded in reform were not scholars like Wang Anshi, but wise men who had died several times in practice.Because of adversity, heart hit, body at the bottom.Only then can we contact the most extensive social situation and find out the law and key of the problem.Relying on the theory of books and hearsay is only carving a boat to beg for a sword.History is written by literati, and Chinese literati are always good at using words to gloss over shame. For example, the emperor hui and Qin stripped off their clothes and offered to be captured, which was called “Northern Hunting”.Having emperor Qinzong go to jinying twice was called reconciliation.Of course, the numbers can be changed to provide hard evidence for their claims.If you do not know the history of the Chinese literati of those small thoughts, small means and shameless, it is only followed by people with ulterior motives.When historians talk about the shame of Jingkang, they say how weak the emperor is.The emperor grew up in the deep palace, can not see the battle is certain, then the ministers?Won’t the civil and military officials at the court feel ashamed when 120,000 jin troops are brought to bianjing?Isn’t it a disgrace for the officials and generals of the Northern Song Dynasty to let the two emperors and the daughters of the rich nobles be taken as slaves?Yue Fei said, “Jing Kang is ashamed. It hasn’t snowed yet.Minister wen and Wu of the Song Dynasty, if he had endured humiliation half as much as Song Jiang, the Song dynasty would have been like this.I do not know that such a most humiliating and spineless era, there are still so many people singing praises, maybe it is just because he is the most proud era of the literati, the society from all walks of life, holding literati!Hope no bloody northern Song dynasty in the history of the Chinese nation only once.123