Public pressure?Westbrook: I don’t like sitting on the bench. I want to play well

2022-06-28 0 By

“I don’t like sitting on the bench for a long time and then getting up and moving quickly,” Westbrook said in an interview Tuesday about his back injury.Right now I’m not sure what it is. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow and then I’ll decide if I want to play. I want to make sure I’m healthy and I want to play well and help the team win.So far this season, the lakers in the west with only 26-30 ninth, for the early season chanted the lakers championship, is undoubtedly the worst performance, after all, a big three, after the lakers is considered one of the popular champion, but reality is lake’s probability to the play-offs for the playoffs, so the performance of the disparity, really surprised everyone.Because of this, the lakers have been in the middle of a lot of criticism, and Westbrook is the one who gets the most criticism, because most fans think that westbrook is the reason for the lakers’ bad record, but is that really the case?Sure, westbrook’s poor play is part of the reason for the lakers’ poor record, but what is the reason for westbrook’s poor performance?Let’s not forget that westbrook averaged a triple-double last season with the Wizards and led them to the playoffs.It seems to me that Westbrook struggles because James is holding on to the ball and James is doing it because it makes his personal stats look good, but where do you do that for your team?Don’t forget, you picked westbrook. Don’t you know westbrook is a big core player?Why hold on to the ball when you know it?It’s not a stretch to say that if James gives up some of his possessions early in the season to play without the ball and lets Westbrook sort out the offense, the lakers would be one of the favorites to win the NBA championship after getting through their roster pain.Unfortunately, James didn’t. He kept the ball as tight as ever, and his teammates had to wait for him to pass it to them.How does that make Westbrook fit into the team?After all, Westbrook has never been one of those outside shooters. He’s more suited to getting to the basket and scoring, which is what westbrook has been known to do in this league.But now that’s gone, what can you tell Westbrook to do, float on the perimeter?That’s funny.So in my opinion, Lebron is the source of the lakers’ underachievement.What do you think about this?Feel free to leave a comment.