This year’s Spring Festival Gala, you can watch the program while sharing jingdong 1.5 billion red envelopes, do you know this activity

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This year’s Spring Festival Gala, you can watch the program while sharing jingdong 1.5 billion red envelopes, this activity do you know every New Year’s Eve CCTV Spring Festival Gala, should be everyone will not miss the program, a group of people gathered together laughing, talking, watching the program, to greet the arrival of the New Year.In a twinkling of an eye, it is coming to the New Year’s Eve, and will usher in the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, this year’s Spring Festival Gala in addition to wonderful programs, there is a bigger surprise, that is, “watch the Spring Festival Gala, open jingdong shake, points 1.5 billion red envelopes.”It’s exciting just to think about having 1.5 billion red envelopes and goodies to give out.You may say that it will not be as troublesome as collecting fuka, BUT I can tell you responsibly that it is not troublesome at all. It is not only simple, but also can win bonus packages and prizes.If you move, and I take a look at the jingdong gala red envelope strategy, every step is simple and “stimulus” : the first step: to take part in the activities in the jingdong, nature is the first step you should have a jingdong APP on your mobile phone, mobile phone is android mobile phone, no matter you are fruit can directly download the jingdong APP from the APP store.In fact, aside from grabbing red envelopes, you can also shop on JINGdong, genuine, whether it is to buy daily or large furniture are very assured.Step 2: Watching other programs may be just watching the program, but watching the Spring Festival Gala that is not the same, usually are watching while making fun of, this year can also pick up the mobile phone “shake”.In the process of the Spring Festival Gala, follow the host’s password, you can pick up the mobile phone to open jingdong shake, you can share the bonus package, not only can be divided into jingdong no threshold shopping red envelopes and no threshold coupons of major brands.In addition to red envelopes, there are mobile phones, TV, cars and other physical prizes, friends, it’s time to fight for luck.Knock key: the whole Spring Festival Gala process, a total of 7 rounds of such bonus package activities, be sure to download jingdong APP in advance and wait for the Spring Festival Gala to start.Step 3: Shake your phone and don’t put it away for the next round. You can also take part in “drumming for benefits”.In this activity, in addition to the opportunity to get a brand red envelope or full reduction of welfare vouchers, but also the opportunity to get the 2022 Spring Festival Gala co-branded golden bowl set, it is very exciting to think.Step 4: You think it’s over here?That’s impossible. Finally, you can share your activities in moments and invite your friends. The more you share, the more red envelopes you will get.The last reminder: be sure to download jingdong APP in advance and then save this jingdong Spring Festival Gala red envelope guide, do not miss the “Dong Ge” this 1.5 billion.