Tongren, Guizhou: Freezing caused by low temperature rain and snow, many departments started to protect the snow

2022-06-28 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Guiyang February 8 (reporter Liu Yang)Since The evening of July 7, rain and snow have caused a wide range of freezing disasters in eastern Guizhou, affecting transportation and power to some extent.Relevant departments are taking multiple measures to strengthen anti-coagulation and ensure smooth operation, urging people’s livelihood to resume normal operation as soon as possible.Tongren city observatory continued to issue road ice early 8 morning yellow warning signal: Yinjiang, Wanshan, Songtao, Jiangkou, Bijiang, Shiqian and other counties high township temperature below 0℃, accompanied by precipitation, is expected in the next 12 hours high road ice maintenance.At present, traffic control is temporarily implemented at the entrances and exits of anjiang, Yanrong, Yande, Songcong and other expressways passing through Tongren. Vehicles can only exit but not enter. Traffic and traffic police departments are speeding up de-icing operations.Relevant drivers and passengers please pay close attention to the real-time road condition information released by traffic police.According to tongren Transport Bureau, due to the impact of freezing, wanshan district rural passenger buses, tourist buses, long-distance network bus service temporarily suspended, other districts and counties will be adjusted at any time depending on the development of freezing.And agitation of the disaster, tongren southern power grid power supply bureau to high altitude dc melting ice line fast start, has now completed 5 TiaoCi 35 kv and above work line of melting ice, transferred thousands of people at the same time, set up the concept of hundreds of freezing point, strengthen electric power equipment and power line ice monitoring work, strengthen the substation melting ice device operational maintenance, carry out special tour d.This round of low temperature precipitation in eastern Guizhou is expected to continue for several days, and is expected to end in 10 days.