West Lake scenic spot lifted temporary traffic control, jixian Pavilion temporarily closed!

2022-06-28 0 By

On February 7th, Hangzhou ushered in a rain and snow weather. Affected by snow and low temperature, hangzhou is expected to be prone to road icing from today to tomorrow, which has a great impact on traffic.West lake scenic area of temporary controls has lifted jixian pavilion, dahua takahashi and SAN tong takahashi temporarily closed this morning rain and snow has fallen, hangzhou, according to the meteorological offices and snow depth distribution and the scenic area scenic area, on average, about 2 to 4 cm deep snow, 9 at the beginning, has longjing road, spring, summer, autumn and winter and the man juelong nankou mountain pass, qing-shan ji MeiLing road north entrance to small tooth dock,Beishan Street huancheng West road to yanggongdi old district committee two-way temporary control, has been lifted.Up to now, the west Lake scenic area has sent a total of 1,068 people, 23 vehicles.In terms of residential construction, there are 26 construction sites under construction in the scenic spot, 22 of which have been stopped, and 28 people on duty on the spot. Meanwhile, they inspected 68 directly managed public houses and 39 dilapidated houses in the scenic spot, and transferred 18 people from 7 households prone to disaster.In terms of people’s livelihood, Xihu Street and relevant units strengthened agricultural low temperature warning and anti-freezing of Longjing tea in the area, and focused on helping the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable groups in the area with cold protection and warmth, as well as the rescue and management of vagrants and beggars, with a total of more than 80 people dispatched.Each park management unit has also done a good job in the area of important scenic spots (the broken bridge area has been cleared snow and laid straw bags, and the management personnel to control the flow of people) easy to slip points add tips and anti-slip pads, to ensure the safety of the tour;City operation security is encrypted for road and bridge patrol frequency, more curved ramp, peg deck for key parts such as easy to slide anti-skid treatment, 9 at the beginning, has longjing road spring, summer, autumn and winter and the man juelong nankou mountain pass, qing-shan ji MeiLing road tunnel north entrance to small tooth dock, beishan around west street intersection to two-way imposed temporary controls Yang Gong dike old district party committee, has now been terminated;Two is the surface of 4 bobcat snow removal vehicles, 2 oblique snow rolling vehicles, is still uninterrupted on the key municipal road snow removal operations;Fomous trees afforestation aspects were done before the snow antifreeze package of 370 plants, other trees frost painted white, parcels of 917 plants, trees supported 1032 strains (fomous trees 160 plants, green trees 729 plants, trees 143 strains), the key area of scenic spots there, road on both sides of the potential safety hazard to knock a tree snow, accumulative total out personnel 638 people,Knocked 3299 snow-covered trees (including 109 ancient trees), cleared 38 broken branches, a total of 7.31 tons, cleared 8 fallen trees and righted 6 fallen trees.In addition, santan Moon, Lakeside Park, Liulang Park, important sections of road in a timely manner to clean up the snow on the road and grass, jixian Pavilion, Dahua Gaoqiao and Shengtang Gaoqiao temporary closure.Scenic spot remind: rain and snow weather, slippery road, travel please pay attention to safety!