Drunk College teachers jump the queue to do nucleic acid?Deal with the

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On the afternoon of March 30, 2022, a teacher disturbed the order of nucleic acid testing site in the South Campus of Zhengzhou University.After the incident, Zhengzhou University immediately set up an investigation team to investigate the incident in accordance with the law and regulations. Now the investigation situation and handling opinions are notified as follows: He Mifeng, male, a Member of the Communist Party of China, from Baofeng, Henan Province, born in October 1978, is now a teacher at the School of Politics and Public Administration of Zhengzhou University.According to the investigation, at noon on March 30, He Mifeng had dinner and drank alcohol in a restaurant on Longhai Road, which violated the relevant regulations of the school for epidemic prevention and control.Around 3 PM, at the nucleic acid testing site of the south campus of Zhengzhou University, He Mifeng pushed and kicked a teacher who was standing in line, disturbing the order of the scene.The teacher called the police on the spot, and the two sides reached a settlement at the police station.In the process of the incident, he mou feng did not have physical conflict with the volunteers.Under the current severe and complex situation of the epidemic, the school has repeatedly emphasized the discipline of epidemic prevention and control. As a teacher of a Party member, He Mifeng disturbed the order of epidemic prevention and control work at the nucleic acid testing site, causing a bad influence.Through the school study decision, make the following treatment to he mou peak.1. According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China, he Mifeng was given a serious warning within the Party;2. According to the relevant provisions of the Interim Provisions on The Punishment of Staff members in Public Institutions, he Mifeng was given the punishment of administrative demerit recording;Three, the relevant departments of the school to cancel he Mou Feng all the annual evaluation qualifications;Four, he mou feng school bulletin criticism.All units and departments of the university should take heed of the warning, draw lessons from one example, carry out in-depth reform based on the case, and further strengthen the education of teachers’ ethics and ethics. All faculty and staff should learn from the case, strictly observe party discipline, state law, and school discipline and regulations, earnestly fulfill their responsibilities and obligations of epidemic prevention and control, and jointly safeguard the safety of the campus.Committee for Discipline Inspection of ZHENGZHOU University of the COMMUNIST Party of China Faculty Work Department of Zhengzhou University Committee of the Communist Party of China Personnel Office of Zhengzhou University April 1, 2022