Friday, February 18th: Accurate analysis of six matches (scores and goals scored)

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Schalke 04 have played well this season and currently sit in 5th place in the Bundesliga with 11 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses.The team ended a five-match unbeaten run after losing 2-1 to dusedov in the last round.The team has been more consistent in attack and defence, with visitors Paderborn currently in eighth place in the Bundesliga with eight wins, eight draws and six losses.After a 0-0 draw with Dresden in the last league round, the team has not won in the last three games.The recent state and psychological aspects of the two teams or the home team more dominant, but the strength of the visitors can not be underestimated, this game is optimistic about the end of the draw.Futurnstad v Sparta Rotterdam Kick-off: 0:00 GMT, February 19, 2022 Futurnstad are currently 16th in the Bundesliga with 5 wins, 4 draws and 13 losses this season.The team is on a two-game winning streak following a 1-0 win over Groningen in the last league round.The team’s overall offensive aspect is relatively sluggish.The visitors rutdan Sparta are 17th in the bundesliga this season with three wins, eight draws and 11 losses.The team ended a 10-game losing streak with a 1-0 win over Willem II in the last round.The game as the two teams in the lower reaches of the game, the home team Fortunnastad is more stable, the game is optimistic about the home team to win.Roda JC v Sharpe roda JC are currently in eighth place with 11 wins, 10 draws and 5 losses in the league.The team’s attacking efficiency has been good recently, scoring in the last three games.Last round away game 1-1 draw fen behind, the team nearly three games are tied.The visitors are currently seventh in the league with 13 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses.The team away strength is not low, on the stage after the 2-2 draw with Dordlecht, the team in the near future three games unbeaten.Watch out for the visiting team in this game.Bundesliga: Mainz v Bayer Leverkusen Kick-off: 03:30 feb 19, 2022 Mainz have been in relatively poor form this season, currently sitting in ninth place on 31 points.With five wins and two draws in seven league matches at home, the team has been able to play well at home and have won four league matches at home.The team is in better form.The visitors bayer Leverkusen have been in excellent form this season and currently sit third in the Bundesliga on 41 points.The team’s attacking efficiency was ferocious, with a 4-2 home win over Stuttgart in the last round of the league winning four games in a row.And recently average more than 2 goals per game.According to the recent status of the two teams, the visiting team is optimistic to take away the game.Score prediction: -0-1 0-2 1-2 Goals 2/3 005 Championship: Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest Kick-off: 03:45 February 19, 2022 The two sides have won, drawn and lost all their previous meetings.Home side Bournemouth are 3-2 this season, having won two games in a row since their 2-1 away win at Blackpool last time round.The team in the offensive aspects of commendable, defensive more mediocre, five games have conceded goals.Visitors Nottingham Forest are unbeaten in their last three games after drawing 2-2 at home to Stoke city in their last game.This game on the current strength of the two teams, optimistic about the visiting team away from the game.Score Prediction: -0-2 1-2 1-3 Goals scored 2/3 goals 006 Serie A: Juventus VS Torino Kick-off time:There is a big gap between the two teams both in terms of strength and lineup. As the stronger Juventus in Serie A, they have achieved 6 wins and 4 average losses in this season and are temporarily ranked fourth in Serie A.And the two sides in the past encounter, Juventus achieved eight wins and two draws to take the psychological advantage.Visiting mid-table teams have 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses this season.There is no doubt that Juventus will win this game.Score prediction: Sheng Bo Sheng 2-0 3-0 3-1 scoring 3/4 goals