“Hot Life” cabin service happy, safety emergency situation, Chen Xiaochun performance is the most bright eye

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“Our hot life” the third station to pay tribute to the second phase of civil aviation career in the recent hot broadcast.In this program, the hot team composed of Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Jin, Li Chenghyun, Zhang Qi, Gao Hanyu, Hu Haiquan and Ricky (Wang Heyong) continue to experience the career of civil aviation in China Aviation Academy.In this program, seven brothers are divided into flight group and flight attendant group to continue their professional courses.In the course arrangement of this day, the flight crew arranged two major courses of cabin broadcasting and service and flight attendant safety course, while the flight group was basic aviation course and driving fully automatic simulator.In addition, four excellent senior flight attendants attended the class together with her brothers.1, funny mouth exercises in The Chinese broadcast link, the first part of the mouth exercises, the brothers’ painting style is like this.2, laugh to the collapse of tongue twister activities after the tongue twister came, all the members of the “winter solstice eat dumplings …………Bag bodyguard please bodyguard cousin eat bag bodyguard and bag bodyguard cousin in the bag bodyguard home package steamed stuffed bun “twister force crazy, more than laughing.3. Laughingly cabin scenario simulation training, hu Haiquan and Chen Xiaochun’s “Love each other” was used in scenario simulation in the dining car of cabin service. Zhang Jin and Hu Haiquan, as flight attendants, provided supplementary drinks after the flight was delayed for more than one hour.Chen Xiaochun drama jing upper body, seconds become proud jiao ba total, play a lot of opinions and harsh passengers difficult Hu Haiquan.Obviously there is only drink on the dining car, Chen Xiaochun insisted on noodles, hu Haiquan laughed.Chen Xiaochun also refused to give up, funny put forward the face to hand dozen, do not eat beef to eat seafood.Trying to keep a smile on his face, Hu suggested a glass of tomato juice, which is nutritious and healthy.Finally, Chen Xiaochun and Ricky served as flight attendants to simulate the normal catering service after a smooth flight.Chen xiaochun, who was very courteous in his service, poured zhang a glass of a virtual 1981 Italian red wine and chatted about daily life.Zhang Jin asked Chen Xiaochun: So old, have you got married?Chen Xiaochun answer: knot.Next to hu Haiquan wicked ask: afraid of wife?Chen Xiaochun truthfully answer: afraid of wife!They laughed the whole crew down.Chen Xiaochun said: afraid of his wife will be developed.Zhang Jin added: I also rake ears, afraid of wife.The whole staff is laughing crazy.See Chen Xiaochun so honest, originally wanted to revenge Hu Haiquan decided to let Chen Xiaochun, let him over.In the afternoon, Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Jin, Hu Haiquan and Ricky continued the flight attendant safety emergency training of the 15-second emergency opening training.In the study, the teacher emphasized that safety assessment should accompany the career of flight attendants for life.In the 15 seconds emergency door training, the brothers only 5 seconds of practice time, big brother Chen Xiaochun because of memory and language problems, under the strict requirements of the teacher, after repeated training successfully reached the standard, the best performance is Zhang Jin, a complete, neat and handsome action!In the end, the whole day’s performance was summed up by zhang Jin’s strong operation and understanding ability, clear speech, smooth broadcast guide, considerate service and patient and meticulous praise to the chief steward.2. All members of the boiling Hot team, including the flight group, participated in the water emergency survival training.The training procedures have two, one is to escape from the plane, away from the body.Second, wait for help in a safe area.During the training, the scalding team got the procedure wrong and huddled together for warmth without taking passengers to the designated area, and were asked to do it all over again.The wet brothers set out again as they were told.The crew members gathered the passengers who jumped into the water and swam to a safe area to warm themselves. Then the chief steward and crew members rowed the boat to the passengers and rescued them. After opening the tent for shelter, the crew rowed the boat to the designated landing place by hand.After the task was completed, my brothers were all exhausted and collectively felt the greatness of civil aviation professionals. They not only provided services, but also safeguarded their safety.At the same time of serious study in the flight crew group, the flight group under the leadership of Professor Li, in the morning of basic aviation lessons, in the afternoon with three brothers to drive the fully automatic simulator.Lee cheng-hyun, Gao Han-yu and Zhang Qi carried out flight training for take-off and landing, all very excited, Gao Han-yu why said that the simulation scene is too realistic, the pressure is huge.Zhang Qi also carried out extreme weather simulation practice under the guidance of Professor Li. The result was too intense shaking, and was joked by his teammate Lee Cheng-hyun: Captain Zhang, we are civil aviation, not fighter jets.Four, this period Chen Xiaochun performance is the most eye-catching in this program, big brother Chen Xiaochun performance is the most eye-catching, both respected teacher and not afraid of hard not afraid of tired, both funny bear work attitude and correct, sense of proportion hold well.1. Respect teachers and emphasize Education in the Chinese broadcast communication tone exercise in the cabin service training, it is necessary to use different tones to broadcast different content.The teacher named Chen Xiaochun demonstration, Chen Xiaochun could not help but laugh, but Chen Xiaochun immediately realized that it was wrong to do so.So Chen Xiaochun took the initiative to apply for a redo, successfully complete the broadcast guide task.2, grasped the nettle in 15 seconds of the emergency door safety training training, is because the oldest, memory loss and mandarin, as the training of the needy, but he had no air base, and the trouble to repeat training, have the courage to break through yourself, finally actually by 11 seconds of the full set of best performance through examination of 60.In the scenario simulation of cabin service, Zhang Jin and Hu Haiquan, as flight attendants, provided supplementary drinks after the flight was delayed for more than one hour.Chen Xiaochun play jing upper body, seconds become proud jiao ba total, play a lot of opinions and harsh passengers difficult Hu Haiquan all kinds of bizarre requirements hu Haiquan gas smile.Later it was Chen Xiaochun and Ricky’s turn to simulate the scene service, Hu Haiquan asked: afraid of his wife?Chen Xiaochun truthfully answer: afraid of wife!They laughed the whole crew down.Chen Xiaochun continued to make up: henpecked will be developed.In Hu Haiquan generous said he decided to let Chen Xiaochun, not embarrassed him.Chen Xiaochun attitude is very good to say, no problem, come on!As a passenger can do strange, as a steward to try to meet passenger requirements, Chen Xiaochun sense of proportion is very strong.4. Not afraid of finishing the hard training during the day, the cabin crew returned to the dormitory at 9 o ‘clock in the evening, and they had to recite words under the one-to-one guidance of senior students and prepare for the final assessment of “90-second land evacuation joint exercise” the next day.Hu Haiquan bluntly like eleven o ‘clock at night has not finished the homework of primary school students, good poor!Tired and sleepy big brother Chen Xiaochun, in senior asked: today very tired!Obviously tired down fast Chen Xiaochun miso stood up and said, “I can do”!Bums!Conclusion: after watching this program, really by Chen Xiaochun circle powder, he is really a three views is very positive, very have a sense of professional artist, know how to respect others, in their own not good at the field of daring to break through their own, not afraid of hardship not afraid of fatigue, this is the reason why others to middle-aged but more and more popular!Look forward to the wonderful performance of the “90-second land evacuation Joint Exercise” by Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Jin, Hu Haiquan and Ricky next time!