Imperceptibly, kobe Bryant has passed away 2 years ago, thank him for his contribution to basketball

2022-06-29 0 By

January 26, Beijing time, is a special day, two years after Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant died in a helicopter accident.Two years have passed since it was one of the worst days in basketball history, a fact that many fans and superstars can’t accept.It’s been two years since Kobe passed away, and I’m very grateful for his contribution to basketball. Even after two years, Kobe’s influence on the NBA and the basketball world continues, and the Mamba spirit is blossoming on every court around the world.There are still many players who call themselves Mamba disciples.Kobe Bryant career 20 years, all in the Lakers, a total of five championships for the Lakers, including the FORMATION of OK with SHAquille O ‘Neal, won three consecutive titles, established the purple and gold dynasty era, with Big Gasol won two consecutive titles, is to create their most subversion period.Kobe Bryant also once contributed 62 points in three quarters, a single game to 81 points, with his consecutive points to prove that he is second only to the god of basketball Jordan’s super scorer, is also the most like Jordan’s player, with their own unyielding mamba spirit, to help the team win, but also influenced many people.For Kobe, his retirement is the loss of THE NBA, but Kobe’s spirit can also affect many fields, such as movies, novels and so on, in a short retirement time, Kobe did the best, but it is a pity that Kobe could have made more contributions to the world.Of course, everything has become a given reality, Kobe can continue to affect the world with his spirit, it is very amazing, may heaven also have basketball company, all is well, Mamba Never Out!There’s a group of fans who still miss you.