Psaki: Hate speech about the origins of the epidemic has led to an increase in crimes against Asians

2022-06-29 0 By

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed “hate speech about the origin of COVID-19” for the rise in hate crimes among AsiAn-Americans in response to questions from the media on Monday.She also said President Biden is “absolutely committed” to addressing the rise in crimes against Asians.Arrigo sacchi.Chloe Kim, a gold medalist at the Beijing Winter Olympics, said she was tortured every day by reports of attacks on AsiAn-Americans in the United States and worried about her parents’ safety, Fox News reported.A reporter asked Psaki what she thought of Chloe King’s claims and the White House’s response to rising crime rates against Asians.Psaki replied, “The president has set up a task force.He hired a senior staff member to represent him and spoke about these threats, concerns and fears felt by the Asian community.We do need to take and will continue to take some steps to address this problem.”She continued: “Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick due to hate speech about the origins of the epidemic.Asians across the country are feeling it.”Psaki confirmed that President Joe Biden is “absolutely committed” to resolving the situation.She also praised Chloe for being “extremely brave” in speaking out about “her concerns and concerns for her family.”Ms Psaki said Mr Biden had been “outspoken” about his “concern” about discrimination against Asians.At the time, Psaki said the White House would support “additional action at the local or federal level” to address the increase in violence.In addition, Psaki accused President Trump and his administration of criminalizing Asians with their rhetoric.”There is no doubt that some of the destructive rhetoric that we saw in the previous administration — calling novel Coronavirus’ Wuhan virus’ or some other formulation — led to inaccurate and unfair perceptions of the Asian community that exacerbated the threat to Asians.”Psaki said in the briefing room last March.According to a report by Stop AAPI Hate, more than 10,000 Hate incidents have been recorded against People of Asian And Pacific Descent since March 2020.Stop Hating AsiAn-Americans is a national coalition that is highly concerned about the surge in violence against asiAn-American communities.(after)