Tomb-sweeping Day approaching, Huzhou building fire safety “firewall”

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“Auntie, you can’t burn paper here, in case the wind blows the fire away and ignites the surrounding mountains?””Oh, I see, sorry, I’ll deal with it right away.”April 1 morning, Anji County Xiaofeng fire comprehensive emergency rescue team members in the cemetery patrol, found nearby villagers up the mountain burning paper to worship ancestors, timely to persuade and help extinguish embers.The Qingming Festival is coming, and all kinds of sacrificial activities have begun. With the increase in the use of fire in the field, the fire risk is increasing.In order to prevent and contain fire accidents, especially major fire accidents, in recent days, the city’s fire rescue departments around the active action, the cemetery and other sacrificial areas under the jurisdiction of the implementation of 24 hours of strict monitoring, to build a strong qingming fire safety “firewall”.Since March 24, deqing county fire rescue team, with emphasis on the high fire risk areas and sacrifice activities, launch towns comprehensive fire emergency rescue team, the forest or cemetery concentrated on bell tube, sanhe, dry, cypress, etc for centralized checking, key inspection units to carry out the duty patrol system, sacrificial fire control facilities equipment is complete works,Whether there are illegal use of open fires, incense, fireworks and other phenomena in the cemeteries located in forest areas and surrounding areas.In recent days, Wuxing district fire rescue brigade combined with miaoxi fire comprehensive emergency rescue team, in-depth scenic spots, mausoleum to carry out fire safety inspection.Fire inspectors carefully check whether fire water sources, fire facilities and evacuation channels in all places meet the fire safety requirements, and urge the cemetery to improve the fire safety management system and internal preventive measures. For the areas where incense, paper and candles are burned intensively, special personnel are assigned to patrol and monitor key parts.Anji county fire rescue team is to religious sites, such as forest is important to carry out fire control inspection, inspectors examine the tomb, the setting of electronic monitoring, tomb, management strict implementation of fire safety, fire prevention inspections on duty system, complete with sufficient fire fighting equipment, direct martyrs personnel vehicles parked in appropriate locations,It is strictly prohibited to occupy or block safety exit, evacuation passage and fire engine passage.Changxing County fire and rescue brigade required the fire and rescue station, the township comprehensive fire emergency rescue team to strengthen the fire and rescue preparations, increase the concentration of worship area, the surrounding forest area of the cemetery, dense personnel, large-scale activities and other key places of drill;Since March 24, jiapu Town fire comprehensive emergency rescue team has carried out a number of forest fire emergency drills in Guanyinshan Cemetery, Xiangshan village and other places.At the same time, in accordance with the unified deployment, the area of the fire rescue team positioning, fixed personnel, fixed posts, the cemetery, temple, mountain intersection and other key areas of the focus of control, arrange a person on 24-hour duty, to ensure that the qingming Festival fire work is not broken, no dead corner.On this basis, the city’s townships and towns fire comprehensive emergency rescue team to do a good job in fire prevention propaganda, duty preparation, material reserves, while strengthening the maintenance of duty vehicles, equipment, to ensure that the vehicle oil, water, electricity, fire extinguishing agent is sufficient, the vehicle equipment is sufficient, complete and easy to use.Fire and rescue brigade around the continue to strengthen daily physical training, once the fire, will quickly attack, heavy investment, to ensure the realization of the “early, small, out of the” goal.Reporter: Feng Yu editor: Ma Na Rector: Gao Yue Fei