Bad news from Central America, plane crash, broken in two, mangled, Boeing again

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The United States is a big aviation country, the United States Boeing company is the world’s largest aviation manufacturing enterprises, Boeing company and European Airbus company have basically carved up the market share of commercial aviation with large aircraft, including passenger and cargo aircraft supply.In the airline industry, have a tradition of using aircraft into a cargo plane, general service time long passenger aircraft can continue to play a waste heat by means of converted cargo aircraft, compared with the special cargo plane, through cargo aircraft modification cost is much lower, it appears many freight company to use aircraft modification of cargo operations.Some of America’s biggest freight companies, including DHL, had bad news from Central America on April 7th when a DHL cargo plane crashed.According to us media reports, a DHL cargo plane broke in two at costa Rica SAN Jose airport in Central America, from the photos, the scene is a mess, the accident of the cargo plane is made by The Us Boeing Company, belongs to the 757 series.The incident is the latest in a series of recent accidents involving commercial aircraft made by Boeing.202204117/ Aviation Vision /AZ, shortly after takeoff, the pilot of DHL 757 cargo plane, which was scheduled to fly from Juan Santa Maria Airport to Guatemala, reported a failure in the hydraulic system and immediately returned to Juan Santa Maria Airport.Although the 757 cargo plane of DHL successfully landed at Juan Santa Maria Airport, it suddenly ran out of the runway while taxiing at low speed. Due to the high altitude of the runway and surrounding terrain, the 757 cargo plane suddenly fell after running out of the runway, which directly caused the fuselage to break in two.After the crash, rescuers used ladders to pull the pilot out. According to local media reports, the pilot of the 757 cargo plane was unharmed and therefore lucky.Photos from the scene showed that no fire broke out after the cargo plane broke into two pieces, but firefighters still worried about accidents, so they released a large amount of foam extinguisher on the cargo plane.For the cause of the accident is still in investigation, aviation horizon estimate is 757 cargo aircraft hydraulic system failure, result in the operating system cannot be fully realized, have 757 cargo plane overshot the runway accident, usually also won’t let the plane overshot the runway is broken into two pieces, on April 7, accident caused because the airport terrain height difference,If there was no difference in height between the runway and the surrounding grass, the plane would have hit the grass at most, but this time it broke in two.The incident with the DHL757 cargo plane follows the March 4 crash of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800, which pilots managed to regain control of.A large number of Boeing planes cannot be delivered, because the 737Max series planes have had many accidents and caused major deaths. Therefore, many countries prohibit the operation of Boeing 737Max series planes and prohibit the entry of 737Max planes from other countries’ airlines until 2021.The United States and other countries began lifting the ban on Boeing 737Max aircraft.There are no reports on the exact cause of the crash in which the DHL 757 cargo plane split in two. Air accident investigations often take a long time because of the collection of data, including the analysis of black box data.