Full of blessings, Glenfield Defoe deer send a starry invitation to you

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As the hour hand of the year points to 2022, the atmosphere of celebration is gradually rising with the arrival of the New Year. All whisky brands take advantage of this festival to send their best wishes.In a New Year’s greeting, Glenfiddich, the world’s award-winning single malt Scotch whisky brand, is in a unique position to look into the future with a dreamy star flash.Recently, the pop-up shop accompanied by stars and accompanied by Fu Lu appeared successively in Shenzhen Shenye Uptown (January 10 — January 16) and Shanghai Forebeach Taikoo Li (January 20 — January 25) to present the luxury “Glenfield Defoe Deer Cheng Xiang 21 Deluxe Edition Gift Box” to open the future journey.Located in the center of the mall, the Glenfiddich pop-up looks as if it came from the mysterious expanse of space. The deep nebula-red and luxurious deep gold draw the eyes like magnets, filling the whole space with the enthusiasm and vitality of the New Year.Glenfiddite’s iconic stag is dressed in festive costumes and transformed into a New Year’s deer. The technological aerospace elements adorn the dream planet and gilt down between bright lights, lighting up this wonderful whiskey universe.Looking up at the stars, there is always infinite vision for the future in the eyes.The launch pad of the pop-up shop interactive area is just for this purpose — everyone’s wishes and wishes for the coming year are written into the Fu Lu star map, and the wonderful vision is accompanied by the rocket launch to the sea of stars, and under the guidance of The Glenfield Defu deer, we will search for the stars and sail far away.Want to follow a rocket and see the sky for yourself?The star pavilion in front will give you what you want — the blue stars woven with bright lights and shadows, bringing you an immersive stargazing experience.The camera shutter is pressed in the sound of “click”, and a large starry sky freezes at this time, recording the beautiful moment of wandering in the starry sea with Fu Lu.After returning from a trip to the stars in the future, the space bartenders in space BAR are ready to lead the space passengers to taste the 21 years of Glenfiddite, the precious wine brought by Falu.A dazzling feast from sight to taste is waiting to be opened.Aged in Caribbean rum casks, glenfield 21 years old is rich and sweet with deep gold tones and a warm New Year’s note.In the dark pairing, The freshness and sweetness of Spicer and the intensity of Caribbean’s passion come through.The fragrance of figs and the thick honey of toffee, like a wonderful planet of flavor, along with the guide of flavor, the mind of the viewer gradually emerges a profound and vast cosmic picture.Starry Sky is full of unknown exploration and wonderful imagination. With this beautiful meaning, Glenfitty once again teamed up with renowned illustrator Rlon Wang to gather New Year’s greetings in starry sky and draw the futuristic packaging of Fawlu, looking forward to a toast to a better future.On this magnificent starry sky scroll rong-liang wang the iconic bucks as the core, will represent the flavor of the planet and the lion dance, sky lanterns, such as Spring Festival elements together into the vast universe, show the gran fiddy fascinating journey into the future, explore the vast sky in tasting and special, add special experience for the opportunity moment, is the new age with taste.The sky is endless and the years are passing by.Like the stars shining in the future, just need to look up to the courage and fearless pace forward.Glenfiddich will come with a brand new fueldeer attitude, stepping on the stars, leading whisky lovers to continue to “leap forward” in the New Year.Glenfiddich is a world-renowned single malt Scotch whisky brand. Glenfiddich was founded in Duff, Scottish Highlands by Sir William Glenfiddich with the original dream of creating “the best whisky in the valley” and thus breaking new ground in the single malt whisky industry.Glen (Glenfiddich) comes from the old Gaelic language, Glen stands for the heroic Valley, Fiddich stands for the elk and its wild passion, the full meaning is “Valley of the Deer”.Over the years, the products of Glenfiddich have won many awards in the international spirits competition. Its new brand proposition — leap-forward, with a new attitude, reinterpret the “pioneer” spirit of the brand.