Tomb-sweeping Day is coming, traditional customs can not forget, eat 3 food, avoid 4 things, not only you do not know it

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Qingming Festival, also known as outing Festival, qingming festival, March festival, ancestor worship festival, festival in the middle of spring and late spring turn.Tomb-sweeping Day comes from the ancient beliefs of our ancestors and the customs of Spring Festival. It is both natural and cultural. It is not only a natural solar term point but also a traditional festival.Qingming Festival qingming Festival to eat green tuanzi is to commemorate our ancestors, meaning reunion, green tuanzi is round, symbolizing the round, but also represents hope and life, and eat moai grass to do green tuanzi can also prevent disease, improve their body immunity.In ancient times, qingtuan was mainly used as a sacrifice, but now it has gradually become a seasonal snack.”Qingming Festival” eating eggs this custom mainly comes from ancient times, when people want to be pregnant will keep eating eggs, ancient people thought that eating eggs is easier to get pregnant, so eggs are a symbol of life, eating eggs on Qingming Festival is also auspicious meaning.The third kind: jujube cake Jujube cake is also called “zi push cake”. In some places in the north, dough is made with yeast and jujube is steamed.They also used to make the date cake into a flying swallow and hang it on the door with wicker strings. It can be eaten cold to commemorate Jie’s noble quality of not seeking fame and wealth.Cake is grain, grain and jujube, in line with the purpose of spring health zenggan, can increase the function of the spleen to limit the excessive publicity of liver qi.The Qingming Festival is the most taboo 4 things the first thing: avoid marriage and other happy things in ancient times, pay attention to marriage and funerals, pay attention to the auspicious day of marriage, for is a happy life after marriage, for a good fortune.On the Tomb-sweeping Day, families are sweeping tombs to worship their ancestors. The mood is very heavy and full of memories of their deceased relatives, so it is not appropriate to hold weddings and other happy events.The second: married daughter can not go back to her mother’s grave as the saying goes:”Married daughter, poured out the water” in the Tomb-sweeping day reflected incisive, in the past in the countryside, the concept of inheritance of incense is particularly strong, feel that if the birth of a daughter without a son, no one inherited the family incense, the child is also with other people’s surname, when the tomb are the family male, are also the same surname.First of all, the tomb-sweeping family will go to tomb-sweeping day, it is crowded, considering the safety of the fetus, so it is not recommended for pregnant women to attend the tomb sweeping.Secondly, the cemetery is a place where Yin is heavy, for fear of adverse effects on the fetus in the stomach, so pregnant women should try to avoid going to these places.Fourth thing: don’t laugh and slapstick casually, criticizing ancestors Tomb-sweeping Day ancestor worship is a very serious thing, sacrifice is a solemn thing, laughing and slapstick words into what system, serious is to blaspheme the ancestors of the big thing, ancestors are the root of our blood inheritance, we should respect them.