Communist Youth League station district committee: “six prevention six promotion” youth line

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TuanOuWei: “six prevention to promote” green line in the near future, for the further implementation of the provincial, city, district “six prevention to promote” special operation work arrangement deployment and superior league organization about “youth guards Peace “theme activity called the Spring Festival, station district party committee fully integrated jurisdiction in all kinds of resources, has conducted a diversity of topics series of activities.Arrange deployment in a timely manner.After listening to and watching the video conference of the Communist Youth League provincial Committee and the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, the secretary of the Communist Youth League Working Committee was timely organized to hold the arrangement and deployment meeting of the whole district “Youth guards the Safe Spring Festival” theme activities, and made specific arrangements on how to make use of the power of the Communist Youth League to do this work.Build a team in time.More than 400 returning college students volunteers who participated in epidemic prevention and control work were organized to form 10 youth volunteer service teams for special actions of “Six prevention and six promotion”.At the same time, the “psychological counseling volunteer service team” composed of 10 experts was established jointly with the district health system to provide psychological counseling and decompression services for teenagers.Timely care.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the youth League branch of xinsheng Primary School, the Youth League branch of Dianhou School and college student volunteers carried out a special action to care for teenagers in difficulties.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, the Youth Volunteer Association of the United District held an activity to welcome the Lantern Festival and celebrate the Winter Olympic Games in Xuelian community, popularizing knowledge about the Lantern Festival and the Winter Olympic Games for the children, and providing volunteer services such as handcraft classes and homework guidance to encourage them to study hard and be optimistic.Zhongzhan Rong Media Jing Manman report editor: Xu Laiwei