Huning Shares: deeply engaged in manufacturing industry, focusing on independent innovation

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They are the pacesetter of Zhejiang economy, they are the trendsetter of the new era, the little giant of the industry, and the new force of development.Specialized special new “little giant”, why Zhejiang continues to lead;There is no “lying to win”, only long-term persistence, and the subdivision of the field of silent work.Zhejiang Economic Broadcasting and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology jointly launched the media news action of “Specialized special New, Rich Pioneer” of Zhejiang Jing Story Collection, and walked into specialized special new “little giant” enterprises to interpret the password of innovation and development.Today we said said the deepening manufacturing focus on independent innovation eaters – hangzhou huning elevator parts co., LTD. Company introduction hangzhou huning elevator parts co., LTD. Is a technical innovation as the leading, always focus on research and development production of vertical transportation traffic safety device of technology-based manufacturing enterprises.Adhering to the concept of “safety, innovation and professionalism”, after 20 years of development, the company has become one of the main brands of safety components in the elevator industry, the hidden sales champion of the elevator market segment, is a long-term strategic partner of many domestic and foreign elevator brands, and is a typical representative of “technological innovation” enterprises in the industry.Hangzhou Huning Elevator Parts Co., LTD is a professional enterprise focusing on the development, design, production and sales of elevator parts. The main products of safety clamp and buffer are the main components of the elevator safety system.Performance standard international manufacturers, Otis, Toshiba and other well-known brand core suppliers.As of June 2021, the company has obtained 115 authorized patents, including 37 invention patents (3 overseas), 75 utility models and 3 appearance designs.In addition, the company is applying for the acceptance of invention patents up to 60.The figure is higher than the average number of valid patents held by the “little Giant,” which is a specialist.It breaks through the technical bottleneck of the core key components of the system and solves the pain point of “jam neck” that troubles the elevator market. It represents new products such as “new two-way safety clamp – two-way speed limiter system”.The new enterprise’s customized addition project “G series buffer”, “composite traction wheel”, “composite guide rail” industrialization technology system research and development, materials to achieve “lightweight” and green, low carbon, the three products are expected to save about 50% of steel.In the future, the elevator system will be optimized to achieve energy saving and high efficiency.Remark: