Light encounter: Buy any game pack and get a discount on a drink?That’s what girls do

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Preface: Hello everyone, I am yao, every day for you to release the latest information in the game field.Yao a friend (boy), he said bored dead, play light encounter, feel into the country of women.Sometimes he wanted a boy to play with, and there were girls everywhere…This is not an illusion, in the world of girls, in fact, the game and reality, they will have different performance, especially “spending money”, has a completely different performance.Topic of the day: Buy any game package, want a discount on a bottle of drinks?Girls just like this game gift package to buy in the game, a lot of “complete map” players, are sister.When buying gift bags, girls usually like this, want to buy, 128 yuan, as if it doesn’t matter.Is the package too cheap?Or is the bag really nice?In fact, it is not the case, just like the 128 yuan summer umbrella, everyone jokes, but still will buy it.So, a lot of times, the money, not just to look good, maybe just feel, this is very satisfied.However, in real life, girls have a different attitude when it comes to consumption.Player A bluntly said, 128 in the game does not matter, in life, buy A bottle of feed, want to discount.That’s why, on November 11, every year, the girl shouts “chop hands” as she emptying her shopping cart one by one.Because as far as they’re concerned, when there’s something on sale, it’s all for nothing.This is a girl’s world.Compared to other games, Light encounter is “micro krypton”.Even so, Yao cautions people to only buy what they like.When it comes to kryptonite packs, don’t worry, but read the corresponding guide and share with UP.It’s never too late to buy a gift bag after fully understanding its capabilities.It’s like some players, no matter whether they’re in their 30s or 20s, just take out the lantern, find it doesn’t recharge, and blame it on the authorities.There’s one thing I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.Because there’s always the question, will a pack come back?On this point, as long as the big remember a point, the official did not make a public statement, will be out of print gift package, will certainly return.And the time of the encore usually corresponds to the time of the last play.Halloween goodies, for example, will only be available on Halloween.The same goes for other packages, so don’t believe the rumors.If feel useful, might as well a key three even go again.The story comes from fans, if there are similarities, pure coincidence.Ok, today’s content is shared here, if you think yao said reasonable, might as well give Yao a concern, a praise, thank you for your encouragement and sharing.