“The origin of the Westward Journey” : Zixia even open the treasure box also can’t save the supreme treasure

2022-07-02 0 By

Zixia even open the treasure box can not save the supreme treasure ah!In the movie, it is said that the supreme treasure is sun Wukong in another time and space, that is to say, there are two time and space, the same person is different identity in two time and space.Zixia is through time and space to see the supreme treasure, this time the supreme treasure and uncle opened a home noodle shop, not martial arts without super ability.Then the villain appeared, after a meal of operation, to zun Bao beat the villain but also injured unconscious.Zixia felt distressed and said she regretted coming.Then she opened the Treasure box and returned to another time node in the same time and space, that is, back to the time when The Supreme Treasure grabbed the hydrangea. The difference is that she did not come forward to cut the hydrangea to pieces this time, but chose to turn around and leave.But no, the role of the treasure box is to travel through time and space, not back in time, how can Zixia go back to the past?Even through to another time and space, and that time and space also happened to grab hydrangea thing, so the supreme treasure of this time and space is still unconscious.I just thought, isn’t the best thing to do when He’s injured to heal him?