A man kills his wife and lover in anger, and his mother-in-law begs for her son-in-law

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“If I divorce her, will you marry her?” hefei Evening News reported.Xu pointed at his wife and asked her lover.”That’s my business, not yours.”After hearing the answer, Xu fumed, picked up a glass toward his wife’s lover hit, the two sides fight, the scene is a mess……By the time everything was calm, the wife and lover were both lying in a pool of blood.On December 2, 2012, Hefei City Yaohai District Yangtze River East road and Langxi road intersection of an xiang coffee shop murder case, a 45-year-old man Xu will wife Xia mou and wife’s lover Yao mou killed.Hefei City court hearing the case.The defendant xu is charged with intentional homicide and stands in the dock.Throughout the trial, Xu kept his head down, confessed to the charges and pleaded guilty in court.At 9:20 am, xu, a short and strong man, was brought to court by the bailiff, and the trial began.In court, Xu recalled the whole process of the tragedy.According to its introduction, on June 6, 2008, he and Xia mou got married, after marriage affection has been good, and gave birth to a lovely son.He and Yao mou also know each other, there is no contradiction between each other.From 2011 to October 2012, Xu repeatedly found xia mou and Yao mou have close contact.He was very angry, but because he loved his wife deeply, he chose to forgive her after she promised.On December 2, 2012, he learned that his mother-in-law and his wife were meeting at a cafe.He was carrying an air rifle and a folding knife.”I was defending myself.”In court, Xu mou for their own defense.Occurred in the cafe blood case according to the prosecution charges, December 2, 2012 afternoon, the victim xia mou about his mother Jin mou meet.The defendant Xu learned that, with an air gun and a folding knife followed to hefei Yaohai District Yangtze East Road and Lang Xi road intersection of shore incense coffee shop, and met the victim yao at the door, two people together into the cafe.Because xia mou asks for divorce, Xu mou asks Yao mou to marry Xia Mou, but is refused.The two men fought, during which Xu took out an air gun shot yao, missed.Yao picked up the box inside the water bottle hit Xu’s head, back, xu beat back to the box outside the second floor corridor, Yao picked up the corridor flowerpot hit Xu.Xu took out a folding knife to stab Yao, was mother-in-law Jin pulled open.Xu turned and returned to the box to lock the door, and stabbed the victim Xia several times, then Yao hit the door into the box, Xu stabbed Yao’s head with a knife, Yao was injured and ran out, Xu chased with a knife to the shop outside the Lang Xi Road, and stabbed Yao again.After Yao was picked up by his friend, Xu returned to the coffee shop to report to the police.Xia mou, Yao mou died after rescue.”I regret it and I’m willing to plead guilty,” she said.In court, Seo hung his head and sobbed.The victim yao agent said, xia mou and Yao mou acquaintance, is the summer mou initiative contact yao, the agent in court put forward more than 1.13 million yuan of civil compensation, and asked for the defendant Xu mou criminal responsibility.The victim xia’s family did not file a claim.In a written statement, Xia’s mother pleaded for her son-in-law, saying that he was forced to do so by his daughter and Yao, and that he was usually very filial to the old man.In court, the reporter learned that xia mou’s parents issued a letter of understanding to the court, expressed willingness to understand all xu mou’s behavior, give up all xu mou’s civil and criminal responsibility, only hope that the court can be lenient.In court, prosecutors played video of the crime scene.At one point, the victim’s family was overcome with emotion and wept.The defendant, seo, bowed his head and did not look at the video.Prosecutors believe that the defendant Xu intentionally and illegally deprived others of life, causing the death of two victims, the facts of the crime is clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient, should be investigated for their criminal responsibility for intentional homicide.And the defendant has been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for intentional crime or more criminal law, is a recidivist, should be given a heavier punishment.On December 2, 2012, at 5:40 PM, a middle-aged man stabbed a man and a woman in a cafe near the intersection of Changjiang East Street and Langxi Road. A man and a woman were seriously injured and died in hospital. (See “Sweet Cafe Turns bloody Field”, the 13th edition of our newspaper, December 3, 2012).The killer, identified as a middle-aged man surnamed Xu, called the police himself.Xu said he stabbed two people, one his wife and a man he suspected was a “rival in love” with his wife.His wife and that man’s improper relationship has been maintained for a long time, that afternoon, Xu heard about two people meeting in the coffee shop, angry not to hit a place, rushed to the coffee shop stabbing.Xu confessed that he stabbed his “rival in love” in the neck and head, “rival in love” ran out of the box, and stabbed each other from behind the back of a knife.His wife was also stabbed by Seo.The two injured eventually died due to rescue efforts.Source: Major Crimes Unit file