Construction blocks occupy roads affecting traffic, luohe urban management ordered rectification

2022-07-03 0 By

River to provide video journalist Guang-chao liu correspondent Yuan Kai at 8:30 in the morning of March 24, administration of luohe city city municipal inspectors, patrolling the city south gate dimness new capital market, found a rain sewage diversion project construction site construction WeiDang set unreasonable, tie up the road more, seriously affected the market within the normal passage of merchants and normal business.Inspectors immediately ordered it to stop construction, and asked it to rectify immediately.Will be case to the relevant person in charge of administration of city inspectors carried on the report, then, by the bureau of municipal administration section, city municipal construction and city comprehensive law enforcement of urban management and service center team set up special municipal WeiDang renovation team immediately rushed to the scene, for merchants to visit, to understand and around in the market, the scene has carried on the interview to the project director;And guide the construction unit to adjust the construction scheme on site according to the requirements of the merchants.After the adjustment of the scheme, the construction enclosure was removed at 10:30 on the same day, and the road section resumed normal traffic.After the incident, nearby businesses and citizens praised the city’s urban road management bureau for its timely handling of the problem. Some netizens expressed their gratitude through Douyin, and praised the urban management staff for “serving the people sincerely and thinking of the masses everywhere”.The relevant person in charge of the city Administration said that it will continue to strengthen the approval and supervision of digging road blocks, strengthen the supervision and inspection;Find one and rectify one of the irregularities such as the approval card of excavation and the countdown card of withdrawal.We will ensure that roads are returned to the people and convenience is provided to the people.