Germany is still following the United States to intervene in the Situation between Russia and Ukraine. Russia points out the evil intentions of the United States

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As one of the countries with the highest underground storage capacity in Europe, Germany’s natural gas reserves have dropped to a record low, which means it is running out of gas, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People’s Daily online.A representative of Germany’s federal Economics ministry said at a February 14 briefing: “The current load rate [of gas storage facilities] is 35 percent and the government is monitoring the situation closely.”The official acknowledged that loading rates at storage facilities were lower than in recent years, noting: “We hope to change that in the coming years anyway.”The German official also said the utilization rate of gas storage facilities in Germany is not determined by the state, but by the market.Just last week, the German government admitted that the country’s gas reserves had fallen to “worrying” levels.Economists have been warning that energy prices will soar further over the winter.However, the German government claims that “supply can be guaranteed” and that there is no risk of shortages.Moreover, Gas storage across Europe is well below the 10-year average, according to Gas Infrastructure Europe.Britain’s gas reserves are now at full capacity, but are far lower than in some other European countries.Britain gets about 5% of its gas from Russia, making it less dependent on Russian imports than other European countries.In January, more than half of Europe’s gas storage facilities were empty.More than a third of the EU’s gas supplies come from Russia.Since 2021, the price of natural gas in the European futures market has skyrocketed, exceeding $2,000 per thousand cubic meters on December 21, 2021, an increase of 800% compared with the beginning of 2021.Entering 2022, the russia-Ukraine situation continues to be tense, and western countries continue to play up the risk of war, further aggravating the turbulence of natural gas prices in the European futures market.There are fears that If Europe threatens Russia with economic sanctions against Ukraine, Mr. Putin could restrict gas supplies.Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, has warned that “a trickle of Russian hydrocarbons is keeping many European economies afloat”.In the context of the current tense situation between Russia and Ukraine, when it comes to energy issues, Germany’s nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project in cooperation with Russia becomes extremely prominent.The U.S. government has long identified Nord Stream 2 as a Geostrategic Russian project that threatens European security and energy security and makes Europe more dependent on Russian energy supplies.Last week, Biden met with German Chancellor Scholz, who remained nonspecific about biden’s threat and repeated questions from reporters about Nord Stream 2.While accusing Russia of weaponizing nord Stream 2, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova pointed out that the United States is creating panic around the situation in Ukraine, including the purpose of driving Russia out of the European energy market.The us has become the world’s largest LNG exporter for the first time, with LNG exports reaching 7.7 million tons in December 2021, according to media reports.