Jiahe is a great village!The children’s school fees come out of the village

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Rednet moment April 2 – (reporter Deng Helming Luo Xiuying) April 1, the sky under a drizzle, Hunan Jiahe County Shiqiao Town Shixian Village Party branch secretary Li Sijie, got up at 6 o ‘clock on time, after washing, drove to the epidemic prevention and control service points and forest fire prevention temporary checkpoint to check the situation on duty.”The current epidemic prevention and control situation is grim, especially during the Qingming Festival, forest fire prevention is also a top priority, must not be careless ah.”As a veteran of the post-90s, he still maintains a tenacious style of work that is not afraid of hardship and fatigue.Li Sijie checks the situation at the forest fire control station.In December 2020, Li sijie was elected secretary of the village Party branch and director of the village committee.In the office after the opening of the first villagers meeting, Li Sijie made a solemn commitment: “must change shixian village!”Before this, the collective income of Shixian village is almost zero, and what makes most people dissatisfied is that there are more than 1000 acres of mountains in the village that cannot be recovered after the expiration, which is in the hands of individual people without collective economy, resulting in complaints from the villagers.After discussing with party members and representatives of the masses and resolving the villagers’ wishes, he made a bold move that both offended some and offended others: “Take back the expired forest farm and re-distribute the contracts fairly!”This was supported by the villagers, and despite the resistance of vested interests, the new contract went ahead smoothly.”Developing the economy and leading the people to become rich and prosperous is in the best interests of the people.”Since serving as the branch secretary that day, Li Sijie has been thinking hard about the road to prosperity of Shixian village people.By chance, Li Sijie learned that the understory economy had high added value, short crop period and economic benefits. In connection with the actual situation of the village, “3 plots of land and 7 plots of forest forbidden”, Li Sijie was struck by the fact that there were many understory resources in the village, and the development of understory economy would be profitable in that year.Wood Ear base sign.Li Sijie, through visits, discussions and investigations, finally determined the new idea of leading the masses to do a good job in traditional agricultural production while vigorously developing the understory economy.The two committees for two years, led Li Sijie Shi Xian village makes full use of the unique ecological environment and forest resources, insist on mutual integration, ecological construction and industrial development focus on developing “Lin bacteria model”, through the introduction of high-quality species planting cooperatives, take “cooperative + base + farmer” mode of cooperation, to develop village collective economy.In order to build “Shixian characteristic industry name card”, Shixian Village takes full advantage of chenzhou city to build Hunan province into an important growth pole connecting with Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and is committed to introducing high-quality crop production enterprises.In the process of production and construction, we aim to cultivate high-quality crops with high market share, good economic benefit and strong radiation driving force, adhere to brand cultivation, realize the continuous generation of brand driven by brand, and make the brand chain roll and cycle benign.Up to now, Shixian Village has successfully built two superior brands of agricultural products, one brand of pig breeding products, one brand of fungus products and one brand of feed raw material processing.The annual net income of villagers per capita rose from less than 3,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan, and the collective income of the whole village grew from 0 to 300,000 yuan every year. Shixian Village, an economically backward village, became a rich village with high-quality collective economy.Li Sijie checks the growth of agaric fungus in agaric base.”The children in our village go to school and all their tuition and fees come from the village.”Village collective economy came up, the most affordable or villagers, children go to school do not spend a penny, and, every year the Double Ninth Festival, the Spring Festival and other festivals visit sympathy activities are also open in full swing, the villagers have a thumbs-up said Li Sijie is their front-runner to get rich.”This book made me believe that it is based on the power of faith, the loyalty of faith, the phoenix rose from the ashes of suffering to create glory.”On Li sijie’s desk, there is a copy of Jin Yinan’s “Suffering and Glory”, which also inspires him to remain a revolutionary soldier’s political character and march forward.