Marketing for criminal lawyers (always hold the line)

2022-07-03 0 By

Because of many criminal cases, he often went to the detention center.Opposite or near the front doors of many detention centers are signs, or something like a slogan painted on the wall, with the telephone numbers of criminal defense attorneys handling bail.Doing cases, advertising to do near the detention center, is indeed a method, very helpless method.Many lawyers find such ads offensive, including me.In my opinion, such advertisements are simply the same as those for venereal diseases in the Putian family. They are posted on toilets and telegraph poles and are simply plaster for lumpyhead.I don’t agree with it, but I don’t object to it. At least, they don’t violate professional ethics and practice discipline.Occasionally, a client in a detention center will tell me that their correctional officers will ask each new suspect individually if they have hired a lawyer and if they want one.If they already have one, they ask if they want another.Cadres will recommend a lawyer to the suspect, and tell the suspect, a lawyer is very powerful, the most important is, with the public security law is very familiar, the relationship is very hard.Such recommendation, in 2005 before the labor camps often encountered, did not expect to today, there will still be such promotion of criminal cases business.This way, the parties will be more trust, business will come faster.But there is the risk of improper competition, and possible bribery, breach of professional discipline and even crime.Defense lawyers, unlike civil and commercial lawyers, civil and commercial lawyers can recommend to relatives and friends, if there is a contract or legal counsel needs, self-recommendation.But a defense lawyer cannot say that if a friend or relative commits a crime, a lawyer must be hired.How does a defense lawyer promote his business?How to promote to friends, family and strangers?So, often listen to lawyers say, do not do criminal cases, never do criminal cases.There are a lot of lawyers who say, I only do non-litigation cases, I only do contract cases, I only do intellectual property cases.Defense lawyer business promotion distress, troubled, not only me, but also many lawyers.Over the past three years, about 40 percent of my business has come from peer referrals, both local and out-of-town.But some business is lost to the knife, and only for two reasons: connections and much lower legal fees.I’ve always believed that business that can be taken away is not your business, so don’t get hung up on it.However, I have always believed that the marketing of lawyers must keep the bottom line and not violate the professional discipline and professional ethics.