Changjiang police arrested 2 online swindlers

2022-07-04 0 By

Accurate research judgment, 3 hours quickly will be on the run to capture!In the morning of February 9, changjiang police in combing clues, found henan Chancheng police online to pursue the scammer Fuxx, then immediately on fuxx’s activity track in-depth combing and accurate research, and quickly organized the elite arrest police in its activity area frame network control, less than 3 hours time,The arresting team in stone town somewhere will succeed in fraud fugitives fu xx captured.Joint prevention and control, 10 days of control will eventually capture fugitives!January 30, 2021, Changjiang police according to clues found anhui Fuyang police online chasing fraud personnel Ji xx in Changjiang Stone Town Taipo police station activities.After a comprehensive combing and in-depth analysis of the basic information and activity track of Ji xx, at the same time with the strength of the tai Po area mangosteu ditch public security team, locked the activity area of Ji XX.After 10 days of control, in the morning of February 10 in stone town taipo area will be successful fugitive ji so-and-so captured.At present, changjiang police are doing the next step of the transfer of the two fugitives docking work.