The 2022 Civil Service Exam questions on economics

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1. The US government collects individual income tax according to different income levels of individuals, and the tax rate varies from 34% to 33%. The actual tax rate policy is for ().A. increase the national financial revenue B. reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and maintain social stability C. crack down on the rich bourgeoisieHelping the low-income class to “kill the rich and give aid to the poor”[A] its dominant force is technological progress [B] its main manifestation is the globalization of trade, investment and finance [C].The content covers not only the production field, but also the distribution, finance, science and technology and culture fields.Its core is the cross penetration of the process of social reproduction in various countries to form global social reproduction. 3.(2) always keep the market supply and demand tends to balance;(3) make enterprises strive to reduce production costs and improve economic benefits;(4) Ensure that enterprises always get the highest economic benefits;Ensure that the product structure is always in a reasonable state.Market economy is an effective way of resource allocation. Resource allocation based on the market can be ().A.①②③B.①③C.②④D.①③⑤4. At present, China is vigorously promoting the transformation of economic growth mode, namely from extensive growth to intensive growth.The main reason lies in ().Due to resource, population and environmental constraints, extensive growth is no longer sustainable.China has achieved primary industrialization D. Competition in the international economy is becoming increasingly fierce 5. One of the highlights of the 12th Five-Year Plan compared with previous plans is that while previous plans focused more on “national strength”, the 12th Five-Year Plan puts more emphasis on “people’s prosperity”.The following measures reflect this bright spot are ().A) Adhere to the GDP growth rate of 8%, so as to maintain high economic growth B) improve the proportion of household income in the national income C) maintain high economic growth.We should adjust the distribution of income reasonably. We should lower the tax rate moderately and improve the individual income tax threshold.2. Taxation is a form of financial revenue that the state acquiressthrough compulsory and free collection of national income and distribution and redistribution of social products by political power to realize its functions in accordance with the law.Marx pointed out that taxes, more than anything else, are the economic foundation of government.Therefore, the taxation system is a national system category, belonging to the superstructure.The superstructure serves the economic base, and the superstructure of capitalist countries serves the bourgeois rule.B.To improve national fiscal revenue, tax rates need to be improved, but the title does not reflect “improvement”, but to keep tax rates stable.[A].B.2. Transnational corporations organize production and circulation on A global scale. They are the leading force and main carrier of economic globalization.[A] its dominant force is technological progress.So choose.3. The 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) set the establishment of a socialist market economy system as the goal of economic system reform, and proposed that the market should play a basic role in resource allocation under the macro-control of a socialist country. Resources should be allocated to the links with better benefits through the function of economic leverage and competition mechanism.Use the market to respond to various economic signals more sensitive advantages, promote the timely coordination of production and demand, so that enterprises strive to reduce production costs, improve economic benefits.B.4. The extensive economic growth mode unilaterally pursues the growth of total social production, highlighting the growth rate of output value, mainly relying on the expansion of factors of production, increasing the input of human and financial resources, by setting up new stalls, undertaking new projects, expanding the scale of investment, which is manifested in the cyclical economic growth.Intensive economic growth mode emphasizes improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, mainly relying on scientific and technological progress, improving the quality of workers, improving the efficiency of production, making full use of the existing foundation, focusing on renewal, transformation and tapping potential.The performance is sustained, rapid and healthy economic development.A.5. The 12th Five-Year Plan is aimed at increasing the income of the people. It aims to increase the income of the people through various means.A, B, C, D,