The epidemic can not stop the spring breeze: Langfang tax launched the 31st national tax publicity month

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ShuiQi “cloud” development Spring breeze miles to send warm symposium scene in langfang city (epicenter wide net revenue for figure) epicenter wide net langfang April 5 news (reporter jin fang The correspondent ming-xia han Duan Ming hk) recently, the state administration of taxation langfang revenue through holding “ShuiQi ‘the cloud’ development Spring breeze send warm “online discussion activities,Langfang city officially opened the 31st national tax publicity month series of activities.Langfang Tax Bureau invited Mr. Zhu Qing, professor of Renmin University of China and vice president of China Taxation Association, and representatives of six enterprises to conduct a three-party “cloud” discussion on taxation, reform and development through video connection, and ask online advice, needs and efficiency.During the activity, the responsible comrade of Langfang Tax Bureau introduced the relevant measures of the tax department to implement the new combined tax and fee support policy and the background of the tax publicity month activity and the policies and measures of langfang Tax Bureau “Twelve policies and measures to facilitate the people and benefit enterprises”.Professor Zhu Qing gave an in-depth interpretation of the recent tax and fee preferential policies.Representatives of the enterprises introduced their enterprises and preferential policies one by one, put forward tax-related demands and suggestions, and the three parties discussed and exchanged ideas on boosting enterprise development and optimizing tax and fee services.The epidemic can not stop the spring breeze, rain and snow do not dilute the truth.Next, langfang tax department to conduct good 31st national tax awareness month activities as an opportunity, to carry out tax spring breeze action “convenient” and promote the pilot “fine service” as the carrier, continue to introduce more strength, speed, temperature, the precision of convenient help companies move, go all out to ensure that the new combined tax support policy in langfang ground to take root,Help market players to reduce the burden of rescue, revitalize, and help langfang economy run steadily.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: