When a man starts going to bed early and getting up early to make money, what is he doing for?

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A sense of purpose is very important in life. When a man starts to go to bed early and wake up early, learn to work out and focus on money, it shows that he has found his purpose and direction in life.Once a person has a goal, his actions will become very self-discipline, he does not need others to urge him, because the direction in his heart is guiding him to run forward.The ancients often said that standing at 30 is actually this truth, standing at 30, standing at what?Set the heart, moral, determined.When a person has no direction, his actions must be deranged, and he is laissez-faire, and often follow the flow. At the same time, a person has no goals and no independent development state.When a person begins to become self-disciplined, it also indicates that he is becoming more mature. Maturity of a person is not judged by age, but by behavior.Once a person is mature, he does not need to be lectured, because he has a goal in mind, a direction in his eyes and an action on his feet.Especially for men, at a certain age, when a man begins to understand that no one can be relied on in this life but himself, he becomes extremely self-disciplined, because he knows in his heart that the biggest supporter in the world is actually himself.This time he knew anyone else to give him everything is not his own, only to make his own, he can handle himself, he can decide his own, such as the health of the body, such as the freedom of wealth, and a man’s dignity, for example, these are all outsiders are not given to you, can only rely on themselves to strive for.At the same time it also means that the person to grow into the life of the fast lane, especially when some people are beginning to realize that time is precious, precious youth, they use their action to cherish our own behavior every minute and second, they hope that through this kind of self-discipline, live through this effort to look like you want to live in.Life is alive, according to live one hundred years old calculation, a total of 36,000 days, except sleep at night, youth and old age, really leave their own time to do things is really little and little, so I hope you friends can grasp youth, with good youth, not achievement great cause, but worthy of heart, worthy of yourself.