Who is meng Anan, the rebel

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In the TV drama “Rebel”, Meng Annan is a pawn Chen Moqun installed in our party, is a Communist party member.Although Meng An male top juntong title, but did not give Chen Moqun any information about my party, hurt my party comrades.Meng an male original name kuang Huidong, he graduated from the German military academy, is a senior talent.Later, Chen Moqun gave him a false file, let him to Meng An male identity into the enemy’s internal.Make Chen Moqun unexpected is, Meng An male is my party, is my party arranged in his side of the undercover.Meng annan is played by Yuan Wenkang, a Shanghai native who graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and is an actor.In 1999, he made his acting debut in Miss News, and went on to star in Assembly, Beijing Sishao, Aftershock, Silent Crack, My Wife’s Choice, Princess Sadness, Rebel, etc.”Rebel” is a spy drama directed by Travel in modern times, the actors in the play are many, all are powerful actors, such as Zhu Yilong, Tong Yao, Wang Zhiwen, Wang Yang, Zhu Zhu, Yuan Wenkang, etc., they played the role left a deep impression on the audience.The TV series, which aired on June 2021, mainly tells the story of patriots who, under the guidance of Communist Party members, find the right way to save the country and finally complete their faith and transformation.Broadcast on the month, mainly about the patriotic personage under the guidance of the Communist party members, looking for the right way to save the country, the final completion of faith, transformation of the story.