Will teachers still get a 10% increase in basic salary in 2022?

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The Spring Festival comes, recently several latest official media voice said to 2022 teachers’ salary increase, cause netizens, some netizens said message to share this year 2022 national basic salary, salary & poor teachers was higher than that of business unit of professional technicians, 10% of the basic wage is cancelled, but some netizens said 10% didn’t cancel,There’s a discrepancy. What’s going on?On February 8, 2022, Chinese netizens share an article, which ensure the teachers’ salaries is not lower than the local civil servants, in the Spring Festival, teachers and on-the-job personnel agencies and institutions across the country including civil servants, on-the-job wage has welcomed aaa, and reissue since October of last year’s the difference between the 4, 5 months or so, there are four key, we look at them one by one:First of all, the Ministry of Education made a public statement this time, emphasizing the strategic priority of education development. Therefore, this announcement can be regarded as a reassuring statement to all teachers — that is, the management and salary promotion of teachers will be one of the key strategies of the country in the future for a long time.Second, has the 10% higher basic salary of teachers than that of public institutions been abolished or not?As you all know, there was a saying a few years ago:Teacher’s basic salary, will be higher than the 10% of professional and technical personnel in government institutions, but this year of around 2022 netizens share, says this round of aaa wages, did not see explicitly mentioned the 10% rule, and it is interesting to note that the net friend of different views and version has different, you can see a few net friend message:We can see that the argument is inconsistent, the conclusion is different, so what is going on?In July 2018, a new basic salary system for teachers was established and put into use. The basic salary for teachers, which is 10 percent higher than that for professional and technical staff in government offices and public institutions, was incorporated into the post salary and salary scale.Therefore, it can be said that in essence, the 10% salary increase will not be cancelled in 2022, except that there is no special rule. Some netizens’ comments also confirm the validity of this conclusion. Please refer to:In other words, before the Spring Festival of 2022 aaa wages, compared to the same condition of compulsory education teacher professional and technical personnel in government institutions, adjust the size of the or account for advantages, it also implicitly embodies the respect for teachers, in fact, from early February this year of official media articles, and especially emphasizes the importance of the compulsory education stage teacher.Attaching importance Improve treatment but in the growth of teachers “better-off, ratio descend enough to spare”, the author thinks that as long as it is qualified teachers, improve some treatment should not be a “is for” thing – after all, the teacher is also a person, also want to feed their families, only to let teachers better treatment group, treatment agencies and institutions improve a bit,Only in this way can we attract more talents to join the work force. Otherwise, if excellent teachers go to enterprises or other industries, then I believe everyone will also worry about the quality of their children’s education.Third, how will the capital transfer be adjusted before the 2022 Spring Festival?How much did the average teacher go up?Actually according to the sharing of netizens, hundreds of yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan or so, for example, has something to do with your own title, rank, and the Spring Festival, during this round of aaa wages, it is not just only a teacher, include the authority institution of the general on-the-job personnel, belong to downgrade, and most people are reissue the salary of about four or five months,A few said they had been reissued for six months.However, it should be noted that the starting point of calculation was in October last year, not January 1 this year. In some places, it was directly landed in one step, and the difference was sent to hand. In some places, considering the time node, part of the money was sent in advance first, and then more and less money was returned after the subsequent calculation was clear.Fourth, in general, teachers in the same public institutions with the same conditions will get a slightly higher salary, but it also depends on the difference between rank, salary scale and professional title, which varies from person to person. Compared with some staff in government organs and public institutions, the salary adjustment range for teachers is actually not high.The specific increase depends on various factors, such as rank and salary, professional title and length of service, and local economic level. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that teachers have been adjusted a lot. Instead, there are many uncertain factors and variables.There are also many kinds of teachers, including those on the payroll and those on the payroll, kindergarten teachers, high school teachers, college teachers and teachers in compulsory education. Therefore, it cannot be generalized. Since July 1, four years ago, compulsory education teachers have implemented a separate basic salary standard.There is no longer a “10 percent increase” in basic salary — which explains why some netizens say kindergarten and high school teachers still get that 10 percent.In fact, we do not have to envy the treatment of teachers, if you have a wealth of knowledge, strength, but also love the cause of education, you can also actively apply to become a teacher, opportunity is equal to everyone.The author thinks that, while improving the treatment of teachers, but also should strengthen the construction of teachers’ ethics, teachers’ style, continue to improve the quality of teachers’ teaching, will not be unqualified minority people timely clear out of the team, focusing on the essence of “teaching and educating people”, this does not violate the original intention of teachers’ salary, pay!For those of you who agree, please like it below!Finally, welcome everyone to add, leave comments, welcome god and experts more criticism and correction, thank you for your likes, forwarding, remember to follow @social Security big class # hot observation bureau new spring #