“Green” force to fight “epidemic”, Yangzhou Huaisi town youth commandos in action

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When you need something at the junction, you need something.In the face of a new round of epidemic prevention and control of the grim situation, the Hanjiang District of Yangzhou City Huaisi Town Youth League committee heard the order and move, fully carry forward the “party has a call, the group has action” fine tradition, the organization of youth commandos, young volunteers to the front line.With their youth and practical actions, they have built a “defense line of youth” for epidemic prevention and control.”Guys, hurry up, another batch of data needs to be checked!”Since the COVID-19 epidemic spread to Yangzhou, Tang Hong, the head of the epidemic prevention and control data team in Huaisi Town, has called for everyone to start work in this way several times almost every day. Besides data, what members say most is “Work hard”.A commandeered office, a few patchwork desks and two rows of neatly arranged computers are the office space of the data team.It is reported that huaisi town epidemic prevention and control data special class was established in August 2021, currently by the town political and legal and social undertakings Bureau, comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau selected 6 young people to undertake a number of work functions including information instruction signing, data processing, personnel verification, etc.Constantly climbing data volume, increasing instructions, never stop the keyboard sound, dedicated class members are busy in tension, and they have been used to such a race against time and time of life, to provide 24-hour data services for the whole town.”Hello, epidemic prevention and control check, please show me your health code, travel code…”In fenglai village traffic checkpoint, the young commandos on duty Chen is to check vehicles.According to the “Yangzhou Epidemic prevention and Control No. 4 Notice in 2022” requirements, On the basis of ensuring fire safety, huaisi Town according to the actual situation of each unit reasonable access channels, while organizing forces on duty.There are 15 villages (communities) under the jurisdiction of Huaisi Town, with large traffic flow and complex personnel, and the task of epidemic prevention and control is arduous.Grid workers and young volunteers on duty strictly implement measures such as wearing masks, taking body temperature, scanning “Yangcheng Scanning code”, checking Sukang code and travel code, and strictly implement inspection and control measures on vehicles and people, so as to strictly implement measures to prevent and control the epidemic and maintain social stability.”Sister Chen, for the safety of you and the whole town residents, you should not only protect yourself, but also remind customers to wear masks, scan the city code and show the travel code and health code to ensure healthy shopping.”Yan Jin, secretary of Jiudian Community Youth League Branch, is carrying out epidemic prevention and control publicity work to the businesses in the area.It is understood that in order to help prevent and control the epidemic, huaisi town young volunteers have participated in four large-scale household screening, publicity work, verify each household’s basic information, personnel flow and vaccination situation, and do a good job of relevant information registration.At the same time, door-to-door publicity of epidemic prevention and control policies, called on people to gather less, more disinfection, further enhance the awareness of self-protection of merchants and the masses, with the most down-to-earth way in the town to create a strong atmosphere of “epidemic prevention and control, everyone’s responsibility”.In the face of the epidemic situation in many places, there are young volunteers in data processing, household investigation, checkpoint guard, Huaisi town youth commandos have become a pull, reliable, win the young force in epidemic prevention and control.Correspondent Zhao Hongjia Sun Qian Editor: Zhang Chen Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn