Serpent SRX8 GTE RTR Kit

2022-07-05 0 By

Serpent’s 1/8 SRX8 GTE Electric GT flat Road Car RTR kit, expert-pre-loaded, ready to ride or race.Equipped with high-quality, high-performance components,Including 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum base plate, universal drive shaft, durable gear differential, aluminum motor seat, low center of gravity battery seat (support to meet the REQUIREMENTS of the RORA competition lithium size), front and rear CVD, RCM 16mm large capacity shock absorber, 7075 T6 aluminum suspension (4mm thickness), front and rear anti-roll bar;Factory-cut and painted shells and large rear fins are also included in the product, along with glued high-scratch tires.Powertrain features dragon-RC 120A waterproof electric and 1900Kv brushless motor for fast performance and torque, DragonRC DTS-3 2.4ghz remote control and a 15kg metal gear steering gear.Product Number 600061.